Yowza Fitness Osprey Transformer review

The Osprey is a folding treadmill with a terrific set of running options that can bring the right balance between overall value and effectiveness of a workout. Many companies out there have designs that compete directly with this particular model, so why does it stand out from the crowd?

Aside from the small amount of space taken up, this treadmill comes with a set of specifications that allow it to hold it’s own against some of the top tier, non-folding counterparts. It’s because of this, that consumers and fitness bloggers alike have flocked to post positive feedback around the net.

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Specifications and functionality

Sitting in the mid tier price level, we feel it’s well equipped to describe itself as providing value for money. While there are, as with many treadmills, downsides, we feel the benefits by far outweigh these with a interesting range of options built into the design that can have a profound effect on runners ability to lose weight and perform at their best.

The motor is listed at 2.75 horse power and it’s belt is designed to keep noise levels low, which is often a requirement for home gym owners. This motor allows it to offer a good amount of performance. Perhaps not for sprinting, but for a decent pace up to 11 miles per hour, this will be be fine.

Sometimes, with folding variants of exercise equipment, you lack depth in challenges available. This is not at all the case here. Like many of Yowza Fitness’s products, this product has plenty of barriers for people to overcome, including incline settings of up to 12% which can really help give your calves, thighs and bum a fantastic workout.

There is also a nice amount of training programs on the system with custom options alongside 9 preset ones that come with it. These programs or apps as they are sometimes known include time, distance, speed as well as several other key training options such as heart rate control and 5k. When used smartly, in conjunction with a healthy diet, users could experience weight loss results quicker than they ever imagined.

To give an idea of durability, the manufacturer has listed a maximum weight limit of 350 pounds, which is quite heavy and slightly above the industry average. Moreover, the frame is made of unibody steel which is built to last and resist the day to day wear and tear.

Once assembled, it isn’t going to take up too much gym space. Measuring at just 69 inches by 33 inches by 55 inches, most people should be able to find enough space in the household to fit this in quite easily.


Overall the Osprey transformer certainly has what it takes to become your go to equipment of choice for cardio. The hill settings along with plenty of different training apps on the console are a winning formula. Not the cheapest on the market, but the key is finding the right balance between quality and value. It certainly brings quality to the table, value will come to your own budget and how essential workout equipment is to you right now.

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