Sole Fitness TT8 treadmill review

There are plenty of reasons to chose the TT8 treadmill over some of it’s main competitors. Just a couple of them include the amount of space available on the belt/running surface, and the built in powerful motor that produces a consistent flow of power and performance needed for a top level cardio workout.

Has plenty of choice in speed changes and also comes with hill climb settings to increase the challenge of your run. Both distance athletes and people using it for casual workout stand to benefit from the amount of functionality on offer.

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Features and specifications

Probably the most important aspect of any treadmill when you are looking to purchase it from new, is the structure. You don’t want to buy anything that is too flimsy or feels like it will cause problems after heavy use. That is, of course, unless you have chosen a low budget option where there is a lot less risk involved.

That is somewhere where this particular model excels with a solidly built foundation and parts, made by a respectable manufacturer who have a history of making durable machines in the fitness industry.

The TT8 has a terrific design that gives users a lot of space to workout with. It has a running surface area that allows you to stretch out your strides that much more when you want to pick up the pace. It is 22 inches in width which gives plenty of space to breathe.

The motor on which it runs is a 4.0 CHP, DC type motor that will provide steady power to the belt and allow it to provide speeds of up to twelve miles per hour. The variety in intensity can be upped to the next level by making use of the built in incline settings, which can be made to go up to 15%. It’s a very intensive way to train, and a highly effective one at that.

Ten different programs built into the console on the system with six for your standard options, which you find on many similar models, two can be customized, and two are based around monitoring/training pulse rate.

Dimensions are  37 inches x 57 inches x 83 inches. Not the smallest product from their range, but if you have the space, it could be well worth it simply because it is clearly built to last with a huge 400 pound weight limit recommendation from Sole.

What’s more, should you run into any problems after purchase, you are covered by lifetime warranty on the frame, decking and motor, two on labor duties, and five on the electronics, which mostly covers the console.


There are downsides to the Sole Fitness TT8, for one it is not the cheapest treadmill going. Users will need to cough up quite a bit of cash to get their hand on it. But with this higher price comes a great level of quality that is designed to last throughout the years. It has some top class training settings avaialble as well with plenty of choice between running speeds and incline to keep things fresh and interesting. I would say if you have a larger budget, this is definitely a model worth keeping your eye on.

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Our rating:89%
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