Sole Fitness F85 review

Anyone that has experience using fitness equipment from Sole Fitness can appreciate the solid design technology that they combine with effective training settings to give a terrific full body, cardio workout. Enter the F85 folding treadmill, does it really live up to the hype surrounding it? Consumers for the most part seem to think so with a overwhelming majority posting very positive feedback throughout several online sources.

With the ever growing competition in this industry, it is great to see a machine that is packed full of advanced functionality that can help you build upon your stamina and push towards your weight loss and toning goals.

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Features and specs

So what sets it apart from it’s competition and predecessors? There is certainly a lot of good points to go through in it’s lengthy specification list, so lets get started.


Putting together and installing the f85 should be relatively straight forward and not too time consuming. Judging what consumers are saying about how easy it is to do this, I would certainly say it is not going to cause you to over exert yourself. The less time spent on installation, the quicker you can get started on your training regime.

The tread belt and deck

Spacious in design, with the running belt dimensions measuring at 22 by 60 inches. Nice long strides are achievable on this sort of length even for taller users. It has a cushion flex whisper decking that aims to limit the amount of strain your legs take on board.


Runs on a 4.0 CHP DC type motor which brings extra reliability to the ‘engine’ behind the scenes. If you are looking for something that lasts longer than your average motor, this could be ideal.


Users can set the f85 at speeds between 0.5 to 12 miles per hour on the consoles navigation system. Many of you will appreciate how much of an effect varying speeds can have on your results. It also allows users to train with a hint of high intensity interval training by taking a minute of so full out sprinting at the higher speeds, then bring it down to a less intensive setting for a minute or two to catch your breath. The idea is to rinse and repeat this for the best effect and this particular treadmill may be the one you have been looking for to carry out this type of training.


The console and display is highly visible, easy to navigate, and read. No one wants complexity involved in their workouts and the user friendly design of the console is a massive plus point. Aside from the look and user aspects, it will also display key information on the monitor that covers very important tracking records from your workouts. This includes speed, distance, calories among others. All of these lend themselves well to helping you understand how you are performing and the likelihood of hitting your goals in the near future.


Also added into the mix is the incline settings which can be switched between 0 and 15%. The more of a slope you add the more difficult the exercise becomes. It is a great way to mimic outdoor hill running and can really help bring a new dimension to your training. Workouts can often get dull and repetitive, so any additional challenges can be a major positive.

Training programs

Nothing too spectacular here with ten training programs total. Six are standard, two are made specifically for heart rate, and two are customization. Nothing out of the ordinary, as a lot of competitor models include these things, but either way the fact that they are there is important in helping you make a decision as you will want to be keeping your workouts fresh.

Heart rate monitoring

In addition to the heart rate programs built into the system, you can monitor your pulse through hand grips. The idea behind it is to grip the sensors for a short period of time until the treadmill has fed data back to the console. The console apps supplement this and with a heart rate control option.


The 400 pound weight limit is above the industry average, and pushing towards commercial standard. This is a clear sign of durability, and with reports from customers around the net praising the sturdiness of the machine, combined with expert opinions on the matter, one can come to the conclusion that you will get a fairly decent lease of life from it.

Special design features

One of the key selling points of the f85 is that it’s foldable. This gives it space saving attributes that allow it to compete with some more compact models on the market. Not only that but it also becomes a option for many home gym users simply because many of them will now be able to store it somewhere in the household.

There is also a cooling fan at the front to keep body temperatures down while sweating it out running.


Not too bulky measuring at 35 x 58 x 80 inches (Width x Height x Depth), but as mentioned above the folding ability should remove most space hogging worries from consumers minds.


Protected by lifetime warranty on the frame, decking and motor, and five years on the electric parts. This is longer than average in most cases and it goes to show that Sole are confident in their product designs.

What are consumers saying around the web?

Getting into the mind of the consumer is easy if you know where to look. We want to see how well this model has been received around the web.

Amazon – Plenty of positive feedback with a few negative comments along the way. The general consensus is that it is structurally strong and stable, runs quietly and that it has plenty of space on the decking. Negative thoughts include one user complaining about a squeaking sound and a couple of others that seem more isolated if anything.


The Sole Fitness f85 is certainly a stand out model in this price tier. Ultimately it stands toe to toe with some of the top brands in the fitness industry and for good reason.  The spec list is not only long, but also impressive with lots of important technology that not only focuses on training effectiveness but also comfort levels. This is sometimes overlooked by manufacturers, and makes a nice change. If you have a medium to higher tier budget, this should not disappoint.

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Our rating:89%
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