Sole Fitness F80 review

The Sole Fitness F80 is a high performance folding treadmill in the mid to higher price tier category. Those of you looking to equip your home gym with high quality cardio machines, may find this could be ideal for your needs.

It has space saving qualities and lot’s of unique features that will help you improve endurance and tone up. The effectiveness of this particular model is backed up by plenty of positive feedback from consumers around the web.

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Feature list

Sitting somewhere inbetween the top commercial models and good home gym models, the f80 brings quite a lot to the table. Settings listed on treadmills do not always live up to expectations, so to remove any doubts, we have taken time to research into it’s specifications and the mindsets of consumers and experts around the web.

Assembly and packaging

From what we have gathered most users found it quite simple to set up and install, however there was one we came across that said putting the parts together was simple, but once it was ready to go, the electronics were not functioning. This could be down to a few things and it appears to be a isolated incident for the most part.

Belt and decking

The decking measures at 35 x 80 inches and has special technology that makes use of flexible wood to act as a protective layer or cushioning as it is more commonly known to fitness enthusiasts. Sole claim it can help reduce the impact taken by your muscles and joints by up to 40%. That will make a massive difference on how long you can run for, and how fresh you will feel the day after. In some ways it may even help you from picking up avoidable injuries and strains.

The running surface, or the belt measures 22 x 60 inches which is enough for most consumers including taller people who have a naturally longer stride. But with speeds up to 12 mph on offer, it is highly unlikely you will need much more space than this.


A high quality, 3.5 CHP motor will see that runners get the performance required from the machine. Not only will it help provide a consistent flow of power to the belt, but it will also offer a smooth and steady workout.


Users will be able to control the motor to go at speeds between 0.5 and 12 miles per hour, suiting the broader range of users, both fit and unfit. It can easily be used to progressively improve your endurance over time by gradually working your way through each level. This type of training has many plus points and can be extremely effective in burning off excess calories.


Equipped with a 7.5 inch LCD display that will cover and track the major events of your workouts. This will generally include your speed, how far you have run, and how quickly you did it in. It is also possible to track other important things like the current exercise program you are working on, and the amount of calories burned.

In addition to this, it provides user friendly controls that make navigation a breeze. Some treadmills focus too much on packing as many features as possible onto the console without thinking about customer experience. With the f85, you get a no hassle, simple solution to changing programs, incline, speed and much more.


Adjust the climb and hill of the belt between zero and 15% and reap the additional benefits and rewards of a more intensive workout. Changing things up every now and then is a fantastic way to keep improving on your times. That is what this particular model is capable of with it’s wealth of training options. Combine a steady incline increase with speed increase and you have the formula to push yourself to the limit.

Workout programs

Training programs and apps include six standard which focus on your common areas such as endurance and weight loss, two are custom user programs and two are heart rate based. The heart rate ones in particular lend themselves well to this machine due to tothe easy ways to keep track of pulse.

Heart rate tracking

This machine is equipped with pulse grips and chest straps that sense your heart rate and feed it back to the console. This figure can then be read on the monitor for your own tracking and recording purposes. It can also serve as a reminder of whether or not you need to pick up the pace, or take it down a few levels depending on your goals and targets.


Surprisingly sturdy for a folding treadmill with a recommended user weight capacity of 375 pounds. This is not that far off the common commercial gym figures and well above the average home gym. Sole are well known for offering structurally sound machines that withstand the test of time. And even if by chance they don’t they are normally protected by decent warranties, as is the case with this one.

Special design qualities

Like many higher tier machines, it is equipped with  fans that will help bring your body temperature down as you run. Depending on your location and the intensity at which you usually exercise at, this will be a major plus point.

As previously stated, is is a folding design with assisted hydraulics to make lifting the belt up after use simple and efficient. It is also a brilliant way to save space around the household as treadmills tend to be fairly bulky.


Measures at 35 inches Wide x 58 inches Deep x 80 inches Height. Even if you are thinking it may be a bit too long for your front room to move and store effectively, remember that it folds, which is a huge plus as they can normally be easily placed in a corner of the room without any problems.


Consumers are protected by lifetime warranty on frame decking and motor, five on electronics two on labor.

What are consumers saying?

Browsing through our sources from around the net, we have found several pieces of useful feedback that may well come in handy when it comes to making a buying decision. Listed below I have gone though the multiple sources and quickly summed up the general consensus on each.

Amazon –  Well received with plenty of positives and a few negatives to take away. The good: A good size running area which is wider than a lot of models on the market, feels like a top class treadmill, good customer service, easy to assemble and install, and compliments related to the speed.  The bad: One user complained the motor broke down within the first month and needed a replacement. Another comment talked aout the heart rate feedback not functioning correctly. I have had a look through a lot of reviews from users and there does not appear to be a recurring theme in this instance so it may well be limited to a faulty model.

Dick’s sporting goods – A decent amount of activity on here. Again the majority of which seem to be talking about it positively. Comments include smoothness of the run, the sturdiness and stability.

Across several expert sources there seems to be an agreement that this is a higher quality machine that serves it’s purpose extremely well if you have a decent budget. With both users and experts singing it praises, we believe there is a certain amount of value for money to be found.


The Sole Fitness f80 folding treadmill may not be the most inexpensive machine on the market, but this is for good reason. It is a heavy hitter in terms of what options are available to users. In many ways it shares similarities with club or commercial gym machines, and in others it is well suited for home gym use. Either way, the vast number of high quality specs included combined with lot’s of positive feedback from consumers mean this one is certainly worth looking into.

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Our rating:92%
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