Sole Fitness F65 review

As folding treadmills go, the Sole Fitness F65 holds it’s own against several higher tier options. With a lengthy feature list that will help improve user endurance, help with circulation and help tone up muscles, it is no surprise that this particular model has been well received by those that have purchased it.

From what we have seen from our research, those that have took the dive have been very pleased with it, for the most part singing it praises. With the credibility factor covered, the only thing left to decide is whether or not it is right for you compared to other machines on the market.

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Feature list

As a reputable brand, Sole will want to  maintain that image through it’s folding range and it is clear they are doing just that judging by the amount of specifications included. While it is in a medium to higher tier price point, this doesn’t necessarily mean it offers the best value. So, to make things easier we have compiled a list below of it’s best qualities and what people think of it around the web.

Assembly and packaging

Weighing at 253 lbs it isn’t going to be easy to lift on your own. However, going by consumer feedback, it does not appear to be too difficult to assemble with many saying it should take in the region of 1 to 2 hours of your time to install. We recommend using YouTube videos to help speed up the process. It is possible to assemble with one person but we would recommended two for lifting convenience and safety. Plus it will be a lot less time consuming piecing it all together.

We recommend that  there should be some form of protective layer or mat laid down on the area where it is set up. This will help prevent scratches and dents.

Belt and decking

There is plenty of space on the running surface giving a bit more freedom to stretch out strides. The decking measures 35 x 83 inches  and the belt is 20 x 60 inches. While it may concern home gym users that it is larger than average, it is also important to remember that the f65 is a folding treadmill which does a great job in saving space.


It runs on a 3.25 CHP motor  on two and a half inch rollers. Plenty of power to push users training for performance events such as 5km’s and 10km’s.


Users will be able to run at speeds between 0 and 12 miles per hour. While it is not the fastest going, it is a great speed for improving your long distance times and burning off excess calories.


Attached to the console is a six and a half inches LCD backlit monitor. This is where users will be able to see all the facts and figures related to there jog. At the same time, there is multiple controls and buttons to easily change the speed of the belt, the climb, and of course the workout programs.


Climbs on treadmills can have a major advantage to your training over your competitors. The f65’s ability to change between 0 and 15% is fantastic and can really help runners change things up and increase the difficulty of your exercise regime. It also means users can change the way they run for different days of the week. For example one day flat, light long distance running, one day hill climbing, and one high intensity interval training. This keeps things fresh and will help you remain focused.

Workout programs

Ten different exercise programs will lend themselves well to helping you improve your times and results. Although there is probably a slight lack of variety compared to a few brands in the market, it is plenty to work with and includes six standard, two custom, and two heart rate based.

Heart rate tracking

Like many Sole treadmills, it comes with built in pulse grip sensors that measures and records your heart rate. This is then fed back live to the console at the front.


A heavy duty design with a strong base and decking. It has a recommended 350 pounds user capacity label on it, meaning it will be a good match for the overall majority of runners. It will take the daily wear and tear in it’s stride.

Special design qualities

Equipped with a handy cooling fan to stay as comfortable as possible.

Compatible with MP3 and iPod to easily play your favorite tunes. Clear audio that can really help with motivation and getting pumped up for the more difficult parts of your run.

Perhaps a slightly more unique feature is that the incline and speed can both be changed on the handlebars which I believe is much more convenient.


It measures at 35 x 57 x 83 inches and despite it being larger than many compact types designed for home use, it will do a great job for the same purpose thanks to it’s folding design.


Consumers are protected by lifetime warranty on the frame, motor, and deck plus five years on electronics and two on labor.

What are consumers saying?

Amazon – Although not a lot of feedback has come through on Amazon. Here are a few key points taken from those that have left feedback. Reasonably easy to install, smooth, strong, and a good amount of space on the belt.


An excellent option for the masses, the Sole Fitness f65 certainly has a certain appeal to it with a brilliant design that is both solid and space saving. The additional training features such as incline, speed controls and training programs are top class and ideal for those of you looking to build upon your stamina, and take the next big step towards the results you want to achieve.

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Our rating:88%
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