Reebok ZigTech 710 review

The Reebok ZigTech 710 is a feature rich treadmill offering effective cushioning technology to minimize the stress users knees and limbs take on board. This plays a significant role in how much pain you feel the day after your workout.

Like many Reebok treadmills, It is compatible with iFit and has a tremendous amount of exercise and training programs that will really help you improve your health, and get in great shape. From what we have gathered from researching around the web for consumer reports about the machine, most users have been very happy with it so far.

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Quality is not something Reebok tends to be short of when it comes to treadmills, and this shines through in several of their similar products like the ZigTech 1910, and the competitor RT 6.0. So one tends to expect great things from a huge brand that has time and time again produced top class cardio training equipment. Let’s take a closer look at what the 710 offers.

  • It has a 2 and a half CHP motor. When you take a look at what the industry averages, especially among home gym options this is a good amount of power that will provide enough power and performance to get the most out of your workout routine.
  • Great cushioning technology. Highly effective in reducing stride impact on the belt, while also reducing the chance of picking up a injury. In turn, this will also help towards limiting the amount of aches and pains that avid runners tend to get the day after a long, intensive exercise session.
  • It has twenty two different exercise programs built into the system. Every single one of these programs have had time and thought put into them by a qualified personal trainer, so you know that using these apps in your training regime will help you achieve the results you desire. The other important thing to remember is that is is important to keep challenging yourself as the week goes by, simply because your body does get used to certain speeds and intensities once you have done it lot’s of times. So keep it fresh and focus on consistently improving speed, time and the difficulty of your training and you will see some great results.
  • It can go at speeds of zero to twelve miles per hour. This ranging from anything, starting from a slow walk to a quick jog, effectively serving as a fantastic tool for the broad spectrum of users.
  • In addition to the different speed levels, users can also change the incline/climb of the belt to give a effective hill workout while hitting different areas of your body. Users get quick push buttons on the console to change this without needing to interrupt their current workout. So, time efficient, effective and intensive. All three go a long way in burning off fat, toning up and improving your endurance.
  • Heart rate can be measured by using the built in grip. While this is quite common among many of the treadmills in this range, it is an essential part of tracking progress, and a welcome addition for both beginners and veterans.
  • It has a six inch computer console on the front which is also the area where all the speed/navigation controls are. It is easy to use, even easier to read and can give users really useful information about their runs including speed, distance, time and calories. Tracking each of these on every training session and pushing yourself to improve upon the data is a great way to stay motivated while achieving great results.
  • There is a good amount of space on the belt of the Zigtech 710. It measures at 20 by 58 inches, allowing users to remain comfortable and not enclosed while jogging.
  • For those of you looking for a great home gym solution, this could be the ticket. It offers a folding design with lift assist to help save space when it is not being used.
  • A nice touch from Reebok is the workout fan which really helps the user stay cool, especially if you are in one of those locations where you are on the receiving end of sweltering heat many days a year.
  • The weigh capacity often suggest the durability and sturdiness of a product. This particular model can hold user weights of up to 325 pounds meaning it has a solid foundation and parts that are built to last.
  • Once you have worked out what parts go where the footprint measures at 75 inches L by 34 inches W by 65 inches H.

What are consumers saying about it?

Despite the mass level of competition in the treadmill market, we can conclude that ratings are for the most part high with plenty of positive rating and feedback to be found from customers. Key comments include one user saying how it may need two to assemble it, while another goes on to say how easy it is to use.

We found that in a lot of cases, both online stores and shops as well as experts around the web had lot’s of good things to say about.

Summary – Final thoughts

From our research, as well as lots of information provided in user reviews around the web, we can conclude that the Reebok ZigTech 710 is a top class piece of equipment that stands out among the many competitors at this price point. The sheer amount of training features, ranging from speed to incline and apps, mean users are going to be kept motivated with many new challenges along the way. For those of you with a medium budget that want something effective that lasts a long time in the home gym, this is definitely worth looking into. While it is not going to be technologically superior to the upper tier models, there is a lot of great settings to work with that will help you achieve your running, weight loss, and stamina results.

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Our rating:89%
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