Reebok ZigTech 1910 review

If you are currently looking at the Reebok ZigTech 1910 with the intent of buying, but are looking for a little bit more information about it before you do so, you are in the right place. As the name would suggest, it comes with ZigTech cushioning technology that does a great job in providing a low impact surface to exercise on.

If you have a above average budget, and want to expand your home gym capabilities, this will certainly get the job done. Great for fat loss, race and sports preparation and general health.

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Despite the functionality provided, I believe some would argue the Reebok ZigTech 1410 provides better value for money. However, I will let you draw your own conclusions on this yourself using our guides.

Overall, this treadmill is equipped with some impressive applications and technology that really helps make users comfortable running. A modern design, with all the bells and whistles the modern runner would expect to see in a treadmill. With that in mind, let’s go over the basic features and specifications below.

  • This treadmill is equipped with the latest hill simulation technology. With the ability to run on an incline and a decline. Although this is not something unheard of, it is always a nice mixture that enhances the intensity users can get out of it. Users can control both these options using the buttons on the console and set it anywhere between -3% right the way through to 15%. A tremendous amount of variety in climbs.
  • In addition to the incline/decline settings, users can easily set the speed anywhere between zero to twelve miles per hour with the push of a button. Very easy to use and even easier to control the speed to fit your current level of fitness. It runs on a commercial 4.25 CHP  motor so you know it has the performance and power in it to get results.
  • Whats interesting is that this treadmill comes with well above the average workout applications. You often find most models are equipped with 12-25 applications. This model is equipped with an impressive 40. These have been specially designed to maximize the results users get through setting goals and targets. These are extremely effective if you stick with them as they have been designed by qualified personal trainers who understand the main principles behind weight loss and staying in shape.
  • A decent amount of space is provided thanks to the 20 inches by 60 inches tread belt. Users won’t feel closed in and will have the freedom to run or walk with plenty of room to breathe. It includes the handy ZigTech cushioning tech which will help make your run lower impact than your average treadmill.
  • It has a ten inch display that will help you keep track of everything related to your current workout like speed, time and distance. Nothing really new or exciting here, but always an important feature on any piece of cardio equipment.
  • Another neat feature is that this treadmill folds. The amount of space treadmills tend to take up in any room can often be frustrating. So gifting users with the ability to fold it up and move it out the way completely when users are not training is brilliant.
  • It has a built in fan that will blow cool air onto the user as he/she exercises.
  • As with many Reebok treadmills, the durability and design can be quite impressive. They can usually hold heavier weight than your average product. This one can hold users of up to 400 pounds!
  • What’s more users can play the built in high definition video workouts to help get them in the right frame of mind.

Users on a lower budget, may want to check out the Reebok ZigTech 910. It’s cheaper, has a less powerful motor but shares several similarities with it. Both treadmills are well designed and give users plenty of options to work with.


If you have a larger than average budget to work with and want something that offers plenty of functionality and sturdiness, then the 1910 treadmill may be a good match. For home gym users the space saving design will come in extremely handy, and for fat burning and improving endurance, users will love the incline/decline and amount of exercise programs included.

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Our rating:88%
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