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The Proform ZT3 treadmill is a mid tier option probably better suited to users looking to upgrade their home gym. Yes there is better, more powerful options on the market, but we need to take into account what is important rather than the bells and whistles included. So really, it is all about the overall value for money vs the quality of the product, and of course consumers budget.

The ZT3 has some great features that users have provided feedback for around the web. Some interesting comments that are echoed include how solid and sturdy the design is. If you, like me have owned a treadmill before, you will understand how important durability is. Countless times I have got a machine which is too flimsy or breaks after a couple of weeks. This will not be the case here.

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For a medium tier option it has some top quality functions and features that are sometimes only offered among the higher tier models. Below are a few hand picked specs:

  • It comes loaded with six different personal trainer workouts. If you are one of those people who struggle to keep focused or lose motivation easily, then these type of built in work out programs can mean the difference between going the distance and hitting the baths early. These programs will help you push your body that little bit further.
  • Some treadmill buyers hunt for speed, some for power. The ZT3 offers a decent amount of both with zero to ten miles per hour to help push your body to the limit. While this may not be enough for the more seasoned jogger it’s 1.5 CHP motor will more than suffice for beginner and intermediate users. If you like to do high intensity interval sessions this may not be the ideal solution, but for everything else this could be a great platform from which to conduct your exercise regime. If however, you are looking for something with a bit more power, you should consider looking at the ProForm Power 995c treadmill.
  • It offers a quick incline setting which will allow users to change the uphill settings from zero to ten percent. If you have only been running on flat belts, this will come as a welcome addition as it keeps your workout fresh and keeps the body guessing as to what you are going to throw at it next.
  • It has been specifically designed to reduce the impact when your feet hit the belt through tread soft technology. It does a great job at cushioning each stride and will really help those of you that complain about knee and ankle related problems while training.
  • The display screen at the front of the machine shows all the traditional information about workout performance stats like speed and time. The display is easily visible and easy to read and is fantastic for keeping track of how much progress you are making.

Consumers should not be too narrow minded in there research as there are so many ProForm treadmills that are worthy of finding a place in your home gym. Two such example is the performance 1450 and the pro 7000. Because there are so many competitors around, we advise you have a good look at each of our reviews to help you make a thoroughly researched and informed buying decision. This will save long term problems and will more often than not, protect you.

What consumers have to say about it

The jury is out on this one, we have come to the conclusion through various feedback and evidence spread across the net, that the majority of people who make the purchase of this treadmill will be happy. There is a definite positive vibe surrounding this product with many positive ratings.


If it fits your budget requirements we can say that the ZT3 treadmill is worth every cent. It’s without a doubt one of the top mid tier/intermediate options out there. It’s solid and sturdy design combined with it’s quick incline and speed options will ensure users get a long lasting machine that gives a brilliant workout every time. This will make your training that much more fun and enjoyable as you can easily follow your progress throughout which is extremely important in helping keep your focus on the end goal, which is usually losing weight, toning up, or just improving on your all round fitness levels.

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Our rating:90%
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