ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill review

The Pro 9000 is a highly anticipated treadmill with an immense volume in features. With the big, reputable brand name behind it, you come to expect big things. Upon briefly looking at it’s feature and specification list you will notice that there is a high quantity which are designed to maximize the intensity of the workout with thirty eight training apps, plus decline and incline options to add to the difficulty of your runs.

For home gym use, I believe users will get there moneys worth with a strong design based on performance that brings an enormous amount of functions to the table that will only help you with any workout and increase the amount of enjoyment taken from it.

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As it is in the top tier selection of treadmills, I believe that there is a certain quality threshold that must be crossed before you decide the 9000 is the right cardio machine for your requirements. As the majority of you are most likely to be looking for home gym options it makes sense that the treadmill is structurally safe and strong that can withstand a good amount of weight on it. Also, users should be looking at a lot of variety in apps, speeds, and ways that can make your jogs more difficult. Let’s find out if this model meets these needs in the detailed specification and overview below.

  • It runs on a 4.2 CHP Mach Z motor giving it all the performance and power you come to expect of in top tier treadmills. Well above the average in this industry and a great reliable solution for your running needs. It will allow users to go at speeds from zero to twelve miles per hour depending on your current level of fitness and unlike other models on the market, when you reach the top speeds this will not feel cheap and flimsy due to it’s solid and sturdy frame and foundation.
  • To spice up your training a bit users will be glad to hear it comes with very handy incline and decline controls which can be set at +15% to mimic hill training or -3% to mimic downhill training. Both of which throw up their own barriers to overcome and can help the user achieve impressive results in a relatively small amount of time.
  • One of the things that stood out the most for me is the amount of training aplications that can be used. If you are anything like me, I find that I lose motivation quite easily when jogging in the gym, so these different apps that set goals for different things (there are 38 in total) are fantastic for keeping things fresh and challenging.
  • To further highlight the strength and durability of the machine, one only needs to take a look at the 400 pound user weight capacity. There are not many treadmills on the market that get close to this amount that are not specifically designed for commercial use. The longevity of any gym machine should always be one of the first things considered as no one wants to deal with the headache that comes with broken equipment. Even in the unfortunate event that something does break or there is a malfunction, you are covered by lifetime warranty on the frame, deck and motor plus three years on labor  and six on electrics such as the console.
  • The console itself measures at ten inches and gives users a good indication of results as they run. Not only that but there are built in high definition workout which you can run to that give a truly fantastic exercise experience by anyone’s standards.
  • The amount of space offered on a tread belt gives a key indication as to how comfortable you are going to be on those runs where you need to lengthen your strides out. This particular model offers a 22 inches by 60 inches belt. More than enough breathing space for most users.
  • If required users can take their heart rate using the build in grips. The results are then displayed visually for you to use for tracking purposes. Not only that but the 9000 is equipped with a ipad holder on the console, a workout fan and it is ifit compatible.

For those of you who are looking for something that offers an effective training solution, but are not looking to spend too much on a piece of equipment, why not have a look at the 6.0 RT? It is not quite as feature rich or impressive as this particular model, but one can easily respect the amount that is crammed into it for a very reasonable price.

However, if you are looking for absolute quality, then there is not much need to look further. The ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill has almost everything the average runner looks for. It boasts a huge spec list with several optional features that can be applied mid way through your run to add to the intensity and difficulty. While some will argue it is overpriced, in my experience it is in the bargains you find the most disappointment. This is certainly a top class option that users with a larger budget will definitely appreciate and find value in.

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Our rating:86%
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