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The Pro 2000 is a top tier machine with all the bells and whistles you would expect a treadmill to find in a mid to higher budget treadmill. Make no mistake, this model offers a fantastic amount of variety in exercise features, and apps which alongside the strong and stable design features create the perfect recipe for a top class treadmill.

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This treadmill is one of the best match for intermediate to seasoned joggers/runner. Although beginners with a larger than average budget will find it gives everything they need to get in shape and much more. So if you have a larger than average budget, this would make a great addition to any home gym. Just take a look at some of the features and it is quite easy to understand why it is a popular choice of treadmill.

  • A 3.25 CHP motor gives the user plenty of power and performance for those sessions that require more intensive settings. This motor will come as a welcome addition to anyone hoping to perform high intensity interval sessions on the treadmill, which is an extremely effective way of burning fat quickly.
  • It allows users to run at speeds of up to 12 miles per hour and with quick speed controls on the console, users can increase the intensity of their workout very easily indeed.
  • It includes a 20 inches by 60 inches belt giving runners lot’s of space to stretch their strides out. There is nothing worse than feeling cramped while working out so this is a plus. Needless to say, this will be a decent platform for your cardio even with longer than average legs.
  • A folding design which will really help reduce the amount of space it takes up when not in use. Anyone who owns a few pieces of cardio equipment will understand how much space they can take up, so any ways of saving space when the machine is not in use is extremely handy.
  • Users can easily monitor their heart rate using the handlebars on the machine. This is an extremely convenient and effective way of taking your pulse.
  • The computer display console offers information about speed, calories, time, distance and much more. From this console users can also activate quick speed, and incline/decline controls. Decline can go to a maximum -3% while incline can go to a maximum 15%. Both settings can add a little more intensity and difficulty to anybodies workout so this will come as a welcome addition for even the most seasoned of runners.
  • It has special technology designed to reduce impact on your feet, legs and joints upon impact. All this possible due to FS2  cushioning technology. It is a extremely good addition to the treadmill which will help reduce the chance of users getting an injury while running.
  • A 350 pounds weight capacity will allow it to cater for most users needs. Above all it shows how durable the 2000 is. Durability should always be high up on your list of priorities when choosing any cardio equipment as you want something to last as long as possible in order to extract the maximum amount of value out of it in the form of results.

There is plenty of similar Proform treadmill models available including the 7000 and the 995c. There are specialized features that sets this cardio machine apart from these, but for the most part, these all will be suitable running choices in the grand scheme of things.

What are consumers saying about it?

So what have customer been saying about this particular model? We take a look into our various sources to see the general feeling towards it below.

Amazon – Looking at the majority of the feedback, the general feeling towards this model is of a positive nature. Some users have pointed out the strength of the design, while others have gone on to mention that it is easy to use and navigate through the various options available on the console. There is far fewer negative reviews, but we feel the need to talk about them so you get to see the full picture. One user is very unhappy with the customer service from ProForm due to it not being fully assembled or functional even though it was purchased months ago. This could well be a one off mix up, but draw your own conclusions from this remembering that the majority of users have nothing but good things to say about it.

Overstock – One negative comment we came across talks about having difficulty putting it all together. However, they go on to mention once it’s assembled, it feels like something you would find in a commercial gym. This is a very good sign of quality and durability.


In an ideal world choosing a new treadmill would be simple. The difficulty most users face is the amount of competition on the market. How on earth does one go about picking one out of hundreds? All we can do is narrow the choices down so you have a much higher chance of choosing a high performance treadmill. The ProForm Pro 2000 is exactly that. A high performance treadmill for users with a medium to higher budget. It offers all the features and specs needed to burn off fat, tone up and increase endurance. All in all a very solid and reliable treadmill.

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Our rating:91%
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