ProForm Power 995i Treadmill review

Those of you looking to add a bit of power and performance to your workouts will be pleased to hear that the 995i treadmill offers many specs and training options that will give consumers a huge amount of variety to build upon their stamina and health.

Just like the 995c before it, this machine manages to maintain it’s status as a stand out option in the medium price tier. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the majority of consumers feel very happy with this machine, with many different types of positive feedback.

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The main features and specifications

Most people landing on this page will be on the lookout for something to add a bit of depth to their home gym. With the right budget in place this could be absolutely ideal due to the powerful brand name behind it, folding design and terrific training settings that the console provides.

Users with a lower budget may find this just out of their range, but there is a list of ProForm treadmills which can be found on the sidebar that offer the stability required for an intensive and effective workout. However, if this is the right price, let’s crack on and looks at the specs below.

  • As always the console does not fail to deliver with several very handy controls that make quick start options very easy to handle. Just a few examples of this include the quick incline controls which can go to levels of 15% and quick speed which is more common, but handy nonetheless and can go at speeds of up to 12 mph thanks to it’s 3.0 HP motor. With this sort of engine driving the belt, one can rest assured there is plenty of power in the tank to enable users to push themselves harder.
  • A nice design feature that many will agree goes hand in hand with this is the amount of space the belt provides. It measures at 20 inches by 60 inches and will allow you to easily stretch out your stride lengths without feeling like you are going to brush against something and trip or risk injury.
  • In addition to the various controls for training on the console, there is thirty built in workout applications to keep busy and motivated. The screen will display important information about each run right in front of you on the 7 inch screen.
  • Anyone who has owned a treadmill for home use in the past will agree that space can be a major problem in choosing a specific model. ProForm have addressed this by making this particular design foldable with a built in easy lift assist.
  • This machine can quite easily read your pulse using the built in hand sensors.
  • A very welcome workout fan is built into the console area.
  • To highlight how durable it is, you only need to look as far as the user weight limit. Which is 350 pounds in this case. A solid build with sturdy framework means this model will most likely stand the test of time. And if you do run into any problems, you are covered by warranty of three years on parts, one year on labor and lifetime on any motor and frame issues you encounter.


Certainly, their are many products out there that will stake their claim to the best in this price tier. All we can say to this is that the ProForm Power 995i hold’s it’s own extremely well and offers all the exercise tools required to burn off calories, stay in shape and get into a good rhythm to maintain results. Well worth considering and there is definitely value to be found with the extensive spec list.

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Our rating:87%
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