ProForm Power 995c treadmill review

The 995c is a award winning treadmill packed to the brim with useful features that will really help you build your stamina. Not only that but it comes with a stable and durable design ensuring this model is for the long term. Always a plus point when you here so many horror stories on the web about different machines falling apart.

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Features and Specs

Applications – The 995c comes with thirty built in exercise apps to keep the user busy, and constantly changing their workout regime in order to stay fresh and burning off the calories on a consistent basis.

Design features – It has a very useful space saving design. If there is one thing that winds me up, when I buy new cardio equipment that is they are not the right size for a particular room in the house, or they are too difficult to move around. Note: If you are burning off more calories shifting a machine around your home then time spent running on the machine then this may be the right choice if you are looking to change that.

It can also hold a user weight capacity of 350 lbs indicating how strong and sturdy it is as a whole, and often says a lot about durability.

Motor – The motor the power 995c treadmill belt runs on is a 3.0 CHP a commercial standard motor which provides a good amount of power to give the user a intensive but stable workout.

Belt space – Some models don’t provide enough space for larger users. We feel this model from ProForm get’s the balance right between being space saving and still allowing users to run freely without feeling enclosed in a small running space. The belt measurements are 20inches by 60 inches which will give you an idea of how much room you are getting.

Incline settings – This model can easily be changed from 0% incline to 15% incline with it’s easy to use quick incline function. Incline is a fantastic way to mix up your workout and will really help you reach your overall fitness targets.

What customers are saying

Most users express their happiness with the 995c, commenting about the length of the belt and sturdiness of the treadmill.

Some negative feedback mentions the box it comes in is difficult to lift so you will require help when setting up.


Before we deliver our final thoughts, it is important that you compare proform treadmills and understand exactly what your training requirements are. By doing this, you give yourself a chance of saving a lot of money later down the line on expensive upgrades.

As many of you will already know, running is one of the most effective ways to burn off fat in a short period of time. A solid diet combined with hard work and a solid training schedule can work wonders. And this machine can be the only tool required before you reach your ideal weight and fitness level.

Let’s not forget the how convenient it can be to have cardio machines at home. For those of you who struggle to find time around your busy schedules, this may be a great solution for toning up and burning off calories in your spare time.

Overall this is a solid machine from ProForm delivering a strong and stable treadmill with a decent amount of space and features to help users take there fitness training to the next level. The incline settings will come in really handy, and for the price we believe you are at the very least getting what you pay for. If you have a medium or larger budget, then the ProForm 995c  may be  a model to consider.

Click here to read customer reviews and check price

Our rating:87%
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