ProForm 790 T review

Featuring a impact lowering design, the ProForm 790 T will provide users with a comfortable, hopefully injury free run. If you are looking to get some training done for an up and coming 5k event, or you would just like to improve your health, this model will offer you everything you need  to get an effective cardiovascular workout.

Good for home gym use, and not very expensive for the settings included, this treadmill could be the perfect match for your training needs.

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Features of the 790 t

A reasonably powerful motor and plenty of exercise settings designed to make you work hard and test your stamina. It’s not the most high tech option available, however for this price point it does offer a certain amount of reliability with a large brand behind it with a great reputation in the exercise equipment industry.

It is very easy to choose and navigate through the various settings and options on the console, and offers some outstanding features that will make it worth while for installation in any home gym. Lets have a look at some of those features below.

  • It runs on a 2.5 CHP motor which helps it deliver speeds from zero to twelve miles per hour. Users can easily access the speed controls using buttons from the console at the front of the machine. The variation in speeds will allow complete newcomers to exercising to start off really slow or walking and gradually work their way up towards the ten, eleven and perhaps even twelve miles per hour. It also caters for seasoned runners and athletes because running consistently at 12 miles per hour is a mammoth task that is not only difficult but will improve your endurance, lung capacity and overall fitness.
  • In addition to the speed controls, this model comes with quick incline buttons which can easily be switched between a zero and twelve percent climb. This is very effective for users looking to introduce a bit more intensity into their runs. Mixing it up with some flat long distance, fast paced runs, and hill climbing is only going to benefit you in the long run, and can help achieve amazing weight loss results. The best part of this setting is that users won’t be spending ages trying to figure out how to set a hill climb within the console. This is because it really is as simple as push button technology.
  • It comes equipped with sixteen built in exercise programs. Not everyone chooses to use these, and that is fine. However, those that have had a chance to use these apps in the past will agree with me when I tell you it is a highly effective way at improving motivation and determination as you run. This is because it provides users with challenges that help keep their workouts as fresh as possible.
  • Running space on the tread belt can often be a problem in the medium price point. This one in particular offers a decent amount of running space measuring at 20 inches by 56 inches. The belt area also includes a nifty bit of cushioning technology with ProShox Elite 2. The less impact the better condition your knees and joints will be in after your run, and this will reduce it significantly.
  • A folding design allows it to save lots of space that traditional treadmills can’t compete with. With this design feature comes the easy lift assist function.
  • It can withstand user weights of up to 325 pounds showing the strength and well built nature of the product.
  • It has a six inch computer monitor on the front that displays and helps users track and understand key information about their runs. It can even record users heart rate using the built in grip sensors.
  • Measures at 83 inches by 33 inches by 12 inches once fully assembled.

The only drawback I can think of is that it doesn’t include a fan. These are built into a lot of machines and can help you feel a bit more comfortable in the summer months if you don’t have air con. Also, why not check out our reviews of the Proform 505 CSTProForm Power 995c, and the ProForm 515 TX treadmills for comparison purposes. They share some similarities, but also several differences, so if this one does not quite meet your needs, one of these could.


When you look at some of the other models and brands in this medium price point, the 790 T treadmill holds it’s own quite well. There is plenty of positive points to be taken away from the design, not just the space saving properties but also the advanced cushioning system that helps minimize stride impact on the belt. Not only that but there is a nice mix between training programs, speed and hill settings to make users workouts one of their most intense yet.

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Our rating:88%
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