ProForm 515 TX review

If you are looking to get the long awaited fitness quest underway, this may be a good piece of cardio kit to start off with. It is a lower to medium tier with plenty of options and features that will really help users work up a sweat and get burning those calories.

Backed up by plenty of feedback from users around the web, this treadmill offers a reliable and functional platform for an effective fat burning workout.

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This treadmill from Proform packs some powerful and effective features all designed to ensure the user gets the most out of there workout in terms of comfort and performance. Listed below I have put together some of the stand out features it has to offer:

  • Joint relieving design features to help reduce and minimize the impact on your body. Good news for those of you who tend to be injury prone on treadmills. ProTechs cushioning effects does a great job in protecting you and each and every stride you take as you run.
  • Comes fully equipped with sixteen different exercise programs. Definitely above the industry average for this price range, each one of these programs will have a unique aspect which have been designed to push your body harder and for longer periods of time. I don’t know about you, but when I have target or programs to follow, it becomes a lot easier to reach your fitness goals in the long run. Each program has been specifically designed by a qualified personal trainer so users will get some great benefits when following them.
  • Quick incline control will provide users a easy way to increase the incline without interrupting their workout too much. Any incline addition to a treadmill is always a plus as it works your muscles slightly differently to a traditional flat belt setting. Mixing up your regime between both flat and incline will boost your results and overall fitness and stamina performance.
  • A Quick speed control allows users to navigate to which speed they want with ease. Thanks to a 2.0 CHP motor, this machine offers a respectable amount of power and speed designed to really help users get in shape and progress in their cardio training
  • A grip heart rate monitor allows users to monitor their pulse while running. This is a great way to track your overall progress and how hard you are pushing yourself.
  • It’s Space saving, foldable design make this a great solution for home gym users. It can easily be stored away or folded up and put in a corner when not in use.
  • The LCD display offers key workout performance stats including speed, time and heart rate plus it will make user navigation easier when changing speed and incline settings.

Those of you looking for a slightly more advanced option (more expensive too), may want to focus their attention on the 9000 and 2000 treadmill, both from the pro range. These are some of the top tier choices you can for you money in the home exercise equipment market. However, doing the research on each is extremely important as you may not need to spend too much cash in order to meet your training requirements.


The ProForm 515 TX is definitely one to consider if you are looking to add some new or even upgrade an older model. It offers higher tier specs and functions for a lower to medium tier price. The incline settings, speed, space saving properties and it’s reasonable price tag definitely give users decent bang for their buck and while it is not as powerful as some on the market it definitely caters for the majority of beginner, intermediate and advanced users.

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Our rating:86%
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