Proform 505 CST treadmill review

The Proform 505 CST has a space saving design with folding features and enormous variety in features which allow it to excel and enhance your exercise regime. As a mid tier machine, you come to expect a little less oomph when compared to some of the most popular top tier models on the market. But is this the case with this model?

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This is a foldable treadmill allowing you to save storage space. This is always going to be a plus as plenty of models can take up an awful lot of space. This will allow you to easily place it away in storage when you are not using it. Think of it as a portable solution, if you like.

It has been designed to withstand a user weight of up to 300 pounds, which seems to be about the standard weight capacity for medium tier options. Therunning belt dimensions are 20inches by 55 inches allowing plenty of space to conduct your jogging and/or walking. Proform have clearly designed this not only for performance and results, but they also take into account the users needs. There is nothing more frustrating then a enclosed or short running belt.

The overall dimensions once assembled are 70 inches L by 34 inches W by 59.5 inches H. While not the smallest in the market, it is a good example of a space saving treadmill which still has the performance and durability in place to go toe to toe with some bigger and more prestigious products on the market.

There is a handy little port for you to plug in your iPod, so you can play your favorite motivational tunes while you run.

Exercise features

It comes with quick access controls to control incline and the speed of the belt. The incline can be changed anywhere from 0 to 10 with a simple and efficient push of a button. A huge contrast from some other treamills which require you to navigate through lists of options before you get close to changing the incline settings. The quick controls also allows you to switch up the speed of the belt with a simple push of a button ranging from 0 to ten miles per hour.

The 2.225 CHP motor provides a decent amount of power and ensures quiet, yet effective operation even under the most intense of workouts. It includes a handy self cooling drive system which allows it to keep everything from overheating while in use, increasing the overall durability.

It includes fifteen different workout applications that were apparently designed by personal trainers. The idea of the apps is to give users from all fitness levels a chance to get a good workout and gradually progress to the more difficult settings. Not only burning fat, but helping you in tone up your legs, bum, and core.

The computer display allows you to take note of the key statistics of your current exercise including the amount of time you have been running for, the overall distance, and what your calorie burning goal is. The computer is extremely simple to navigate, cutting the otherwise time consuming task of finding the workout program you want, the speed settings, and much more.

Customer reviews

Many users around the web seem very happy with their purchase. Comments include how solid it is, often a sign of the products sturdy design and durability. Others go on to say you get great value for money with the features included.


For the most part, the 505 CST treadmill excels. Not only in the amount of features to choose from and variety of workout programs, but also how easy it is to change the speed and incline. For a medium tier platform, this stands out with good value for money, which a lot of customers agree with, plus a solid and reliable treadmill that will not only last but give you a intense workout. If you would like to see prices or you are still unsure, visit the link below to read customer reviews to see what other users are saying about it.

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Our rating:88%
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