Phoenix 98836 Easy Up Motorized Treadmill review

The Phoenix 98836 treadmill combines simplicity with a great design structure that keeps things user friendly and effective for cardio. A convenient folding design and spacious surface has helped this machine gain plenty of fans.

Those that have purchased it have left plenty of glowing reviews around the web with several complimenting the ease of assembly and value for money. While not all users have left positive feedback, the wide majority have which is a clear indication of a good quality product.

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Features and specifications

How effective your training using this treadmill will be will depend on the person, age, current fitness level and intensity at which you train at. Of course there are several other factors such as a healthy diet along with several other types of cardio and strength training. All that aside, we want to look at the main settings and design so you can grasp how effective it will be in meeting your needs.


It’s easy up design means that quite simply, it can be folded and locked in place to save space as and when needed. Those of you struggling to find space for your home gym will agree that this is a tremendous feature that will benefit the wide majority of runners. Not only that, but it will also accommodate for extra training equipment to be used when it is not operational. In some ways it can be seen as a makeshift, or mobile gym.

Even if you want to take the extra step and store it away after a run, it comes equipped with transportation wheels taking the majority of the heavy lifting out of the equation.

The walking surface is 15 inches width x 48 inches length and it comes with rails on the side should you need help getting on and off. It is quite clear Phoenix are looking to ensure users are comfortable at all phases of the workout,  even the before and after stages and there design features clearly reflect this.

In addition to this, the frame is specially designed to absorb the impact of each stride through clever cushioning technology. This is a great injury preventive measure that will reduce stress and strain on the body post workout.

Training functionality

Now on to the subject of cardiovascular training and it’s workout settings. It has a manual climb or incline option that can operate up to ten degrees. The extra hill can put a little bit more of a challenge into your exercise and it can have a lasting effect that will quicken weight loss and stamina results.

With a 2.0 HP motor at it’s highest, and a normal 1.5 hp normal level, there is a decent amount of power to be found in this machine that will deliver a consistent level of speed to the belt for users weighing up to 250 pounds.


61 inches x 28.5 inches x 50 inches fully assembled.

Summary and final thoughts

Interestingly enough, the 98836 treadmill has quite a low price tag that some will argue puts it head and shoulders above some of it’s competitors due to the amount of space that can be saved through it’s folding design. Add to that it’s stable structure and training options and you could well be onto a winner here that is worth taking a risk for, especially when you consider the amount of positive feedback found from various sources on the web.

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Our rating:91%
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