LifeSpan TR 1200i review

The LifeSpan TR 1200i is an award winning, top tier treadmill better suited for users who have a larger budget. Right off the bat, you can see some great features included that begin to justify it’s price tag. It has a decent amount of power and plenty of room on the belt for running. Read more about it’s features below.

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As mentioned in the title, this model is foldable. Treadmills tend to be difficult to store away in there upright positions so this is a welcome addition and a surprising one for such a high tier treadmill. It can easily slide away into storage (under a bed for example).

It allows a maximum weight capacity of three hundred pounds allowing users of all backgrounds/fitness to be fully supported by this treadmills design. This is mainly thanks to the special deck design which has been bio mechanically set out to withstand weight under intensive workout sessions.

The side rails around the running belt are made from non slip plastic giving the treadmill that little bit extra in terms of safety, in addition to the side rails, the running belt provides tons of space for you to run/walk, measuring at 20inches x 56 inches.


The Lifespan TR 1200i has a respectable amount of power in the motor, with 2.5 horse power. Even in it’s incline/climb mode it allows eight hundred pounds max lift. In the folding treadmill market, this motor is definitely one of the better choices.

Allows users to go at speeds ranging from 0 all the way through to 11mph, giving you a thorough workout, and allowing the user to vary the exercise intensity.

Computer display/monitor

This treadmill comes with a LCD computer display which will show all your stats as you are running. It includes multicolored results and text on the screen to help you differentiate between each stat and achieve your overall fitness goals with the least amount of confusion.

As you would expect from a machine of this tier and quality, it will record and show your time, speed, calories, distance, exercise program and heart rate on the display. The great thing about this monitor is that it will save all your exercise data for future use. A great way to record, and attempt to beat personal bests to help improve on your fitness level continually.

Workout programs/features

This machine is equipped with several weight loss, sports, health, and heart rate programs which come built into the treadmills system. All of which will keep you on your toes and fresh.

There are in total fifteen different levels of incline, adding to the variety in which you can make your workouts more intense. I like to mix up my workouts to keep the body guessing, it will do a great job in achieving that.

Customer reviews

Positive comments: How easily it folds away into storage, the huge variety in workout programs and incline/speed.

Negative comments:  The main concern of some customers was that it was a little too noisy for their liking.


While it is not the cheapest, the TR 1200i ticks the boxes in almost every department. If you have got the budget, this would make a fantastic addition to your gymand a great workout tool to burn fat and improve your stamina. The different difficulty levels it can operate at plus a decent amount of power and exercise programs while remaining foldable make this treadmill from Lifespan a hidden gem in my opinion. However, if you are still unsure about finding a model which is right for you click the link below and see reviews from customers yourself.

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Our rating:89%
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