LifeSpan Fitness TR4000i treadmill review

The TR4000i folding treadmill is almost certainly one of the best space saving cardio options available. Those of you with a limited area to train in can be sure that you will appreciate the added space.

What makes it that much more impressive is it’s motor and exercise options. It has a 3.25 CHP performance motor and a specialized console that is excellent for monitoring how you are performing.

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Features and specs

Yes, it may not be the cheapest option going, but even so, there is certainly plenty of value to be found in both it’s internal and external features.

Starting with the technology included, this is obviously designed to keep runners who like to track stats happy. It provides clear and precise data that is extremely helpful when monitoring progress and effectiveness of your workouts.

Additionally, it is important we don’t overlook the power provided by the motor. It’s a 3.25 horsepower option that will certainly offer effective and consistent power to the tread belt in order for you to meet your running goals.

Built into the console is several training programs that work around heart rate, weight loss and several others that look at calories burned off, time, speed and much more. This keeps things fun, yet focused.

The space the belt itself is nothing too impressive at 20 by 60 inches. However, for the average ‘fun’ runner and beginner there is enough to work with to get in shape, tone up, and burn off calories.

Built to be durable, it’s aluminium side rails and commercial decking is an example of a design that will handle the day to day jogging sessions thrown at it. We all want our cardio trainers to last, so it is important you get the right model that is heavier duty than something that falls apart after a few uses.

Consumer ratings and reviews

So how have the consumers reacted towards buying the TR4000i? Well from what we have seen while researching from various sources, we can say that the most amount of feedback offered is coming from a positive stand point, which is always a good thing.


We really think that for a compact treadmill, it could be absolutely ideal. Especially for those of you with multiple runners looking to exercise from your home gym. While it is in the higher price tier, one cannot ignore the fact that there is an exceptional amount of options that can carry you forwards into a much healthier lifestyle.

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Our rating:90%
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