Horizon fitness t101-04 review

The Horizon Fitness t101-04 is a fantastic platform from which to begin your healthy lifestyle journey. Even if you are upgrading from a older model, this machine will offer some great functions that even the most experienced runners will benefit from.

Feedback so far has been mostly positive around the web, with users commenting on it is reasonably simple to assemble, the amount of running space and the overall sturdiness of the running platform.

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With a respectable and reliable brand name behind it, users can be pretty safe in the knowledge that quality training and cushioning technologies provided are often exceptional on their products, and this particular model is no exception. It is reasonably priced in the mid tier range putting it well within reach of the average running enthusiast. This is not something that can be said of all Horizon’s treadmills. Let’s find out more about the specific details of it’s design below.

Design features and specification list

Without a doubt this treadmill offers some top quality features that will enhance users exercise regime and allow them to mix it up to keep the body guessing. Listed below are just a few of the key specifications and features that it has to offer.

  • It offers a very space saving design thanks to it’s ability to fold. If you have ever owned a larger treadmill in the past you will understand how much of a difference this can make to one room. If you are one of those people who have a home gym you will understand the importance of space. When this treadmill is folded, it makes room for other important workout equipment.
  • It includes a fairly powerfull motor (2.25 Horse power). For most users this will be plenty. However if you are looking for something with a little more power, you could also take a look at our treadmills review section using the navigation in the sidebar. Consumers will be able to find various buying guides and detailed overviews on some of the best models on the market.
  • The motor above allows user speeds of up to 10 mph which is great for beginner and intermediate runners. For users looking for something to conduct high intensity interval training on their will be better options available to you. But for general running and jogging this will be effective.
  • As always we need to look at the amount of running space. Belt size should be one of the top priorities when looking for a new treadmill, too little and you don’t have enough room to operate effectively, so it is important to make sure the belt has fairly large dimensions. It’s belt offers a 20 inches by 55 inches belt which should be enough for your average runner.
  • Another really great feature that this treadmill offers is exercise programs. They come built into the machine and there are 30 in total offering a wide variety of exercise targets and difficulties. They have been broken up into long distance based programs, 3 interval training programs, some calories programs and a manual one.
  • A fairly sturdy and durable design, perhaps highlighted by the larger than market average user weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • It runs smoothly and surprisingly quiet. This is always a plus as the need to concentrate for some while working out is extremely important. Any rattling/squeaking sounds can be very off putting for even the most experienced jogger.
  • It’s dimensions are as follows: 70 inches by 33.5 inches by 55 inches and it weighs 165 pounds.


Overall, the t101-04 packs a good amount of power for both beginner and intermediate runners. Quicker paced runners may want something with a more powerful motor, but for most runners this model will provide a great workout that will really help boost your stamina, shed calories and improve your general well being. Well priced, and a great amount of variety in the form of training features to allow users to keep their workouts fresh and challenging at the same time.

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Our rating:90%
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