Horizon Evolve SG Review

Treadmills can often be too bulky, lack power and be too expensive. However, in the Horizon Evolve SG compact you get a huge variety of award winning features and functions for a very respectable price.

I like to think of it as a middle tier treadmill which you are not going to need to break the bank for. While there are plenty of similar models on the market this one stands out for several reasons. It’s specifications alone are enough to draw you a picture of how much quality this machine has.

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With a solid brand such as Horizon Fitness behind it, it’s hardly surprising that it comes packed to the brim with useful training settings that can enhance your fitness regime ten fold. It could be a great option for those with limited space, this treadmill lives up to it’s name in several ways. Lets find out how below.

Features, specifications and settings


The word ‘compact’ in the product name gives an immediate indication at what the design edges towards. This treadmill is easy to move around and it will not take up a whole room space wise. All too often people think they have found the perfect treadmill for them only to find out that it’s bigger than they thought. This particular model has been designed to address this problem thanks to it’s folding ability.

Naturally, when you have a compact treadmill, you are going to find things are thinner and less heavy. Which is the case with the running belt. However measuring in at 17 inches by 45 inches, it’s clear that Horizon have given thought about balancing the amount of space for running & walking with the overall size and shape. I think they have got it just about right. There is more than enough space to get a good workout. If I were to describe the look and feel of it, I would say it has a modern design that looks great, and it wouldn’t look out of place in a regular gym.


The motor on it is a one point five CHP. It is a great solution for runners of all abilities and excels most when accelerating and decelerating. There is a nice degree of variation in the speed the running belt goes, ranging from one mph to six. Plus added safety features that enable the user to stop the machine using the safety key only adds to the overall value and feel.

Like a lot of machines in this price range it comes with a built in thumb heart rate/pulse monitor which is accurate and efficient.

It comes with two built in workout programs. One for weight loss, and one for manual settings. In my opinion this is all you really need with any treadmill. Other models on the market do offer more but you will find keen users only use a couple at most.

It also comes with a LCD monitor which allows you to display time, distance, the speed you are running at, your pulse, and of course the amount of calories burned. A clear and precise display screen which you will not need to lean in close to to actually see, ensuring you continue your workout with no interruptions.

User reviews

It has had some excellent feedback from customers around the web. A lot of which discuss how easily it is stored and packed away. More go on to talk about the overall reliability of the product and how effective it is for burning off those calories. Lets see what people are saying from specific sources below.

Amazon – Plenty of positive points mentioned here with several users repeating appreciation for the durability and design. Others have called it dependable. One user mentioned that it is a great option for walking. Negative thoughts include a user saying that it is not a good choice for those of you looking to set it up in a room with a carpet.  The wide majority of feedback at the point of this review is positive with some negative sprinkled in here and there.

Walmart – Not many consumers have reported back about their purchase on this site, but those that did commented that it is a great compact option. This further highlights my observations mentioned earlier in the article.

There is certainly a positive theme surrounding it from various sources. As usual we advise you to do additional research on this, but for the most part, we believe you are onto a solid product that provides great value, especially if you have space limitations.


While cardio machines are never going to be truly compact, due to the nature of their use, you can get the next best thing which is space efficiency. This is definitely a strong point of the Horizon Evolve SG, and for the medium ranged price you get a fully functional, durable treadmill packed full of the necessary features to help you get in shape. Consistent effort, and hard work can often be the missing piece of the puzzle in most consumers fitness regime, so think long and hard before you make a buying decision.

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Our rating:88%
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