AFG 5.1AT review

As a higher tier treadmill with a good brand name behind it, expectations from AFG are high. No need to worry though as the true value of this machine lies in it’s features and stability. Users will find that this treadmill will offer all the workout functions and design features they need to have it installed in a home gym.

It is designed to maximize weight loss and toning results while ensuring users are as comfortable as possible while running on the belt.

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Best features

If you are familiar with Livestrong, these are built and manufactured by the same company. Both have solid reputations with effective training solutions for your cardio.

It may not be the cheapest option on the market, however like any cardio exercise equipment users need to pick a good balance between value for money and the overall quality of the product. Not always a easy task, but I believe AFG are giving a nice balance with this this treadmill. Find out a little bit about it’s top settings and functions below in the specifications list.

  • A motor that is more powerful than the industry average. With a 3.0 HP motor, users can be sure to get the performance levels they need for more intensive jogging sessions.
  • Speed settings can be set anywhere between 0 and 12 miles per hour. What I like to do when training is have a few days a week running at a continuous pace, and a couple of days doing high intensity interval training. Obviously no two training regimes are the same, so you may want to tweak this to match what you are trying to achieve.
  • It also includes incline settings. The hill simulation can be switched between 0 and 15 percent and can really push your performance levels up a notch or two. Whats more, it gives you an extra level of difficulty after increasing the speed.
  • The tread belt size is 20 inches by 60 inches. This is not too small and not too big for home gym use and will allow users breathing space and enable them to stretch their strides out a little without the fear of hitting the edge of the belt. With each stride users will feel AFG’s built in cushioning effect, significantly reducing the impact felt on joints and reducing the risk of injuries.
  • There is twelve different programs and profiles which can help users achieve the results they need faster. With settings such as peak intervals, speed intervals, endurance gainer, fat loss, hills, mountains, golf courses and several others AFG have clearly gone all out, making sure they cover all the bases.
  • Once fully assembled, the dimensions are: 84 inches L by 37 inches W by 56 inches H.
  • The warranty and coverage is quite respectable with two years on labor, individual parts five, and lifetime coverage on the motor and framework.

I feel it’s important to mention there are cheaper alternatives on the market, that may be more suited to beginners and intermediates but they may also lack some of the features this particular model offers. So if this treadmill does not quite meet your budget needs have a look at our treadmill reviews section to find detailed information about several different brands and model numbers.

How experts and consumers are rating it

At the time of writing this review, we found that there is limited feedback from users around the web. However, there is a wide range of experts in this field who have an opinion to give about this model.

Reliable treadmill reviews have given it a score of 8.2 out of ten and recognizing it as one of the best folding treadmills available under $2000 dollars.

Treadmill doctor go on to say this is one of the best available from this brand. That is saying quite a lot because there is clear cut respect for several models that they produce, including the 5.0at and the 3.1at treadmill. They also go on to talk about the life expectancy of this machine will be decent with some great cushioning technology included.


A well structured machine, that for the price, will give you a decent amount of durability. Nothing worse than a cardio machine breaking within weeks of purchasing it, warranty or not. You still have to go through the hassle of getting a replacement. All in all, you are looking at a solid product with lots of positives going for it.

The 5.1AT treadmill provides a good amount of power and performance that is consistent with most treadmills in this price range. It has some truly great features including a nice amount of incline and speed settings plus tons of profile/applications that will have you working up a sweat and hitting your weight loss goals in no time.

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Our rating:90%
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