AFG 3.1AT review

The AFG 3.1AT runs on a 2.75 continuous-duty, horse power motor. While not the most powerful going, it gives users the performance to hit up to 12 miles per hour on the belt. What’s more it comes equipped with incline settings and special cushioning to reduce the impact on your joints as you run.

Most of the feedback found about this model follows a positive theme which for the most part show that consumers are happy with their purchase.

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For users looking for a machine that offers a lot of functionality and fitness specs that are all aimed at bringing the user a terrific workout, look no further than this model. It is probably more suited to medium and higher budget users. However, if this is an issue for you, there is plenty of cheaper alternatives to be found in the detailed treadmill reviews section. But, for the time being lets get back to looking at this models features below.

  • Modern design that will look great in most homes. Bring out the best in your fresh home gym.
  • A brilliant solution for all kinds of users. It don’t matter if you are not quite comfortable with full out running or if you like to go on long, steady jogs, this treadmill will provide everything you need to stay in shape.
  • Cushioning on the belt helps remedy a common problem among treadmill users. That is the high impact having an negative effect on user joints and muscles. By adding a cushioning system into the mix, AFG have significantly lowered the amount of impact on users legs.
  • It has a 2.75 CHP motor and the tread belt can be controlled to go at speeds from 0.5 all the way through to 12 miles per hour. This further highlights it’s ability to act well as a walking, jogging and running machine. In other words it caters for the wide majority of consumers.
  • If you want to mix up and make your workout that little bit harder, users have the ability to add an incline their run at percentages between zero and fifteen percent.
  • The running space itself on the belt is reasonably spacious measuring at 20 inches by 55 inches.
  • A good amount of variation in exercise programs. Some are designed to replicate walking round the golf course, others mountain climbing and speed intervals. This will give users a nice incentive to get back on the treadmill as it keeps things fun and fresh.
  • Easily plug in your mp3 player or even your iPod to play your favorite music through the speakers as you run.
  • When all the parts are put together and installed it will measure at 80.3 inches by 36.6 inches by 56.5 inches.
  • There is enough positive feedback from consumers around the web that talk about the quality of the product.

Even with all these specs, it is important you take the time to look into a few other models before you settle on buying one in particular. It could save you a boat load of hassle down the line. For related reading, why not check out our various treadmill reviews on the sidebar? Or if you are looking for something similar that will be slightly more expensive, why not check out the 5.1at treadmill. Both are widely acknowledged as solid machines and both will give users an excellent full body workout session.

What consumers and experts are saying about it?

At the time of writing, there is a decent amount of feedback to be found from various sources. Some positive, some less than positive. The general feeling we get whilst conducting research however, is one that echoes the voices of several customers saying it is a value for money treadmill that will meet many different peoples criteria of a piece of gym equipment. Several people are pleased with the cushioning technology, which doesn’t come as a surprise as this has  been mentioned about several of their products. Other users note how stable and quiet it is in operation.


If you have quite a bit of money to spend on high quality gym equipment, then the this model may be right up your street. Plenty of workout programs, and lots of functions that will make your runs more difficult yet interesting. It is well designed and includes handy cushioning tech on the belt to help reduce the chance of people picking up an injury. All in all we think this would be a good investment.

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Our rating:87%
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