Bowflex TreadClimber TC20 review

Efficient, reliable and sturdy are just a few words we use to describe the quality of the tc20 treadclimber from Bowflex. This is the next step up from the tc10, with additional options that improve the effectiveness of the machine even further.

AS a home gym option, there is not a lot of cardio training products that can match the convenience and the low impact work out provided by both treadles. What’s more, there are plenty of people who have purchased it and reported back with very positive feedback, which is always a good sign of  what to expect.

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Low impact training at it’s finest

Improving upon your personal best in sports events often requires at the very least an increased endurance level that can only be found through progressive hard work and training. The TC20 offers a first rate workout solution that goes easy on key joints and muscle groups which limits the amount of pain and stress your body takes. By doing so, there is a lesser chance of picking up injuries.

To help give you a rough idea of what to expect when you purchase this tread climber, we have put together a outline of specifications and design options. Hopefully this will aid you in making the correct buying decision based on your own requirements. No two cardio machines are the same, so it’s important you get it right before splashing cash.

The first spec we want to highlight is the awesome G.O coach tm console that is built into the system. What this does is help keep the user motivated and determined to meet goals by helping you track and realize your goals through a gradual build up of training to establish positive endurance results. Users will also be able to compare previous results to see how far they have come. This increases willpower further and is a fantastic function that keeps people in a positive frame of mind.

Because of this console set up, users are able to fully customize their training to what will best suit what they want to achieve. This will differentiate quite a bit as no two users are training for the same events, so obviously workout styles will vary.

Also included is three different exercise challenges to help you push yourselves harder than you would usually go. Sometimes we need stuff like this to get the best out of ourselves. I know I did. For the most part, this will have a positive effect on your results when used smartly and correctly. You can think of these challenges as barriers that you have to get over before fulfilling your potential. In many ways it can be seen as your treading be monitored by a qualified personal trainer.

The monitor on the console will help you understand all the statistic and where you need to strive to improve upon. Information based on speed, distance, time, heart rate and calories will all be displayed in clear and easily readable text.

Tread speeds and training

A fair amount of power is pushed that will help you get the best from your workouts. It will go at speeds of up to 4.5 mph and as low as 0.5 mph depending on how healthy and fit you are currently. This range of speed caters for a full range of users regardless of whether or not they are beginner or veteran.

Bowflex’s dual treadle system works your calves, quads, glutes, and core especially hard as well as other key supporting muscle groups. Those of you looking to tone up, burn fat and improve all round well being, will be served well by this treadclimber.

Design and dimensions

Product dimensions are said to be 31.5 inches x 55.25 inches by 55 inches and a step up range of 17 inches and a little extra for safety. Not too bulky by any means, but not so small that it wouldn’t handle larger users. That is certainly clear judging by the weight capacity recommendation listed by the manufacturer of three hundred pounds.


It has a great warranty policy that covers the whole machine for up to three years. In the event a part fails or something malfunctions, it’s always handy to be well covered, especially when you are splashing out a lot of cash for a top quality machine.


The Bowflex TreadClimber TC20 is certainly one to look out for. Perhaps not the most intensive cardio training workout going, but for a low impact option, that can help you tone up, lose weight and track progress, there is not many better on the fitness market. If you have a relatively large budget, this could be the best home gym purchase you make.

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