Treadclimber reviews

Treadclimbers are a new, yet efficient way to squeeze in your cardio and work towards the fitness goals you want to achieve. More recently, this machine has been gaining traction in the exercise industry thanks to it’s relatively quiet operation, ease of use, and it’s famous low impact workouts.

They come with what is known as treadles, which are quite similar to the belt found on treadmills, however there is one for each leg which can bring a new dimension to your training sessions, especially with the additional incline offered on these products.

We are currently compiling a list of several of the best treadclimbers for you to read below.

Bowflex Treadclimber TC10
Bowflex Treadclimber TC20

Benefits of using a treadclimber over other workout equipment

I’m sure the question has gone through your head. What are the advantages of using these machines over the more traditional options such as treadmills and bikes? Well first of all, the sheer simplicity of using it is a major plus point. You here people complain quite often about gym products and the nuisance of setting up, when all you really need is a quick start option.

Secondly, installation and assembly is not as mind boggling as many other options. According to reports from users, there are several pieces of feedback found around the web that talk about how simple it was to piece together. You hear of horror stories of a 3 hour plus set up of other types of training equipment, so this is a welcome advantage.

Thirdly, they are specially designed to keep impact on your legs and joints to a bare minimum. While most people have different pain and tolerance thresholds, the majority of these models do a great job of keeping your body from taking most of the hits.


With every upside, you can always find downsides, so our analysis of products wouldn’t be fair or balanced without a list of downsides. We personally the max user weigh capacity is a let down for one. You will rarely see one over 300 pounds which is a shame as this is a calorie burning machine that has been getting results for many people who have purchased it.

Secondly, the design limits speed and intensity in some ways. For example, you can’t run on it. Now, we know jogging isn’t everyones favorite workout, but it can help if you were able to pick up the pace a bit.


Our conclusion is that treadclimbers offer a excellent platform to go easy on your joints. Not only will you burn calories effectively, you will find that training can also be quite fun too.

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