Stamina Air Rower review

The Stamina air rower will compliment most home gyms with a innovative design that runs on wind resistance. Push the boundaries of your fitness with intensive, yet effective cardio training as you have never experienced it before.

Strength building, endurance and weight loss are all part of the package. Combine this with a convenient, strong frame and you have everything needed to get an amazing full body work out. The low price point is just a bonus.

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Features and specifications – learn how it can help you improve

Aside from the more obvious benefits such as weigh loss, calorie burning and toning up, there is a fantastic list of specs that stand out to me as the ingredients that a quality rowing machine needs. Don’t be fooled by the low price tag, there is certainly a lot going for it and consumers tend to agree on this fact judging by the user feedback from many different sources around the web.

We want to give you an overview below of the settings, structure and other important information that may help you when it comes to making the decision of purchasing this model or not.

  • As mentioned above, the clue is in the name for the type of resistance it runs on. Wind resistance provides a challenging workout for all fitness classes. It don’t matter if you are a avid rower who exercises on a regular basis, or a complete newcomer making your first steps towards a healthy lifestyle, there is enough training barriers for the wide majority of people.
  • Users will also be able to track everything about their training session using the monitor on the front. As with many cardio equipment, it will record distance, speed, time and calories ready for analysis and comparisons. You could, if you chose to, use it as a system for recording your personal bests and each time you begin your workout, you can aim to beat it. This will help you focus on a specific goal and help keep you in the right frame of mind. It is easy to feel negative about something when the results aren’t coming quickly enough, so additions such as this are always welcome.
  • Seating is fully padded and clearly aims to ensure the rower is as comfortable as possible. This will only be fully appreciated if you have ever experienced the plastic seats on equipment. Comfort is arguably just as important as settings because it will help reduce the chances of being hit by an injury.
  • Another handy feature that you don’t find in all rowing machines is it’s ability to fold. This lends itself well to home gyms as more often than not, they double up as a separate room such as a study when not in use. Simple storage ability is always one of the things I look at before buying. What you don’t want to end up with is a huge product that takes up the majority of the room and makes it awkward to move around when needed.
  • Covered by three years warranty on the frame along with ninety days on the parts in the event that anything goes wrong, this is extremely handy to have.


Perhaps the Stamina Air Rower is lacking in some departments. It will struggle to keep up with the high end machines you find in commercial environments, however for the price, there is not a lot out there on the market right now that offers the same stability, capabilities and design. Tremendous value for money and a fantastic choice for low budget users looking to fill out there home gym with cardio trainers.

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Our rating:84%
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