Stamina 15-9003 rowing machine review

The Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Conversion II Recumbent / Rower combination is a great bit of exercise equipment that will allow you to target a wide range of muscles while burning off fat. The cardio workout and burn rowing/cycling will give you is first class. Let’s find out more about some of it’s best features below.

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The first thing that stands out is how it has the ability to double up. This machine has been designed to allow the users to exercise on it either in exercise bike settings or rowing. The amount of versatility both of these cardio exercises provide mean the Stamina 15-9003 gives a excellent full body workout that will not only help you lose weight, but tone up your muscles. This will not happen overnight of course, a lot of dedication towards exercising is required plus eating clean will really help speed up the process of reaching your health goals.

Eight levels of magnetic resistance allow users to change the intensity and tension at which they workout according to their personal fitness goals and/or levels. The LCD monitor will allow the user to take note of how he is progressing with the use of key information related to the current workout such as time, speed, distance and more. It has a modern design, while the text is clear, precise and very easy to read.

Due to the nature of it being both a recumbent exercise bike and rower, you also get a seat which offers a comfortable base that will really help keep a certain amount of stability and form throughout your cardio workout. In addition to this there are pedals which come with foot straps to minimize the amount of slippage while working out. Taking out this common problem with well fitted straps, really helps reduce the amount of frustration and interruptions mid exercise. Another useful design feature is that the frame has wheels and can fold easily to help minimize the amount of space it takes up when you are not exercising.

Other unique ways the 15-9003 can be used to help increase your muscle strength and endurance is by it tripling up as a piece of weight equipment (in a way). It can be used to conduct several exercises such as tricep kickbacks, bicep curls, and forearm curls. As rowers go this model certainly has a terrific amount of useful features that will only benefit you in the long run.

Other notable features include it’s 250 lb user weight capacity, and it’s pulse sensor grips which will monitor and display your heart rate information.


In some ways the Stamina 15-9003 can be viewed as an all round piece of gym equipment. Not only will you be able to use it as a rowing machine and exercise bike purposes, it will also come in handy for quite a few other useful gym exercises that will help build muscle endurance and burn calories.

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Our rating:87%
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