ProRower H2O RX-750 rower review

The ProRower H2O RX-750 rowing machine has been designed to give the user a feel for real rowing. This is because it uses the same dynamics. For a mid tier rower, you get a good amount of features that run on a hydro-power drive system.

It has a more compact design than traditional rowers and is easily moved and stored away as and when required.

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One of the first things, (other then price), I tend to look for in a rowing machine is the overall comfort, from the seat through to the handlebar grips. The H2O RX-750’s handlebars have been designed ergonomically, and the seat has been contoured to ensure maximum comfort for the user while rowing.

It has a brilliant space saving design which allows it to fold and store without any problems. It’s dimensions are 78 inches by 20 inches by 22 inches (W x H x D). It is a good size to store in tighter, more compact spaces.

Pivoting foot rests ensure the users feet are comfortable at all times. This will help reduce the amount of stress they take and reduce the chance of injuries later on.

Drive system

As mentioned above, the ProRower H2O RX-750 runs on hydro-power drive/resistance. Not only will this give the user a challenge in their workout, but it also allows you to exercise smoothly. Above all this system includes a water tank with an internal paddle system that is designed to make your rowing experience feel like the real thing.


Like most rowers on the market, the RX-750 includes a computer monitor that will give you important tracking stats based on your workout. This will include time, distance rowed, 500 meter split, and calories burned. On the downside, the monitor design itself is not too big which may present problems when reading your stats in mid exercise.

Customer reviews

Positive: A good amount of comments mention the sturdiness of the machine, that is surprisingly easy to assemble. Others go on to talk about it’s compact design and how useful that can be sometimes.

Negative: Some people have needed to replace parts after extended use. (Foot straps etc.)


The ProRower H2O RX-750 is a decent rower, while not the best money can buy, this medium tier rowing machine will provide a solid and reliable frame to withstand a good deal of weight, and will give you a great workout thanks to it’s hydro-drive, realistic rowing feel.

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Our rating:88%
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