Kettler Stroker review

The Kettler Stroker rowing machine is a lower to mid tier option with an extensive set of specifications that make it a popular choice among enthusiastic rowers.

Included within these specs is a very handy space saving design that is brilliant for home gym users. And several accessories that attach to it that allow it to be known as a ‘multi-trainer’.

Most consumers who have purchased it so far have been impressed with the machines qualities and versatility. Those of you willing to dig around the web will find many positive ratings across the board from consumers.

There are several mentions of structure quality, and how smooth the movement is. This is where a lot of the best rowing machines slip up. However, in this particular case it seems a solid brand combined with German designs make a excellent finished product that is great for home gym use.

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Rowers comparison

RowerResistanceDimensions (inches)Max WeightOur Rating
Kettler StrokerMagnetic86 x 24 x 32285 lbs4
Lifecore r100Magnetic58 x 24 x 36600 lbsN/A
Velocity CHR-2001Magnetic80.3 x 20.1 x 25.2275 lbsN/A

Design and structure quality

Like many Kettler rowers, the Stroker has certain design qualities that highlight the overall stength of the product. With a very stable foundation at it’s core, the frame can withstand user weight of up to 285 pounds.

There may well be many alternatives in the fitness market, but for the price this machine is very structurally safe and going by many of the reviews around the web, this is one of the foremost reasons for the stable and smooth movements on the rail.

In addition to this, there are several design specifics that focus on comfort. For example the seat is thickly padded to ensure users are comfortable through all stages of their workout. What’s more the foot plates are specially designed to provide you with a much more natural rowing position.

Moving on to the space saving properties, which one will really appreciate if working out in limited space. A lot of home gym owners don’t actually have a space specifically for their machines, what you will find is that they more often then not, double up as  a different room when not in use. That is why this particular rower is drawing quite a bit of attention. It folds up vertically for ease of storage.


Like the Kettler Coach M, VR400 and the Kadett, the Stroker’s computer monitor offers lot’s of handy information related to your training session. The majority of things someone could ever need to know about their performance is listed on the screen at the front, clearly visible and easy to read. These stats are fed back to the display real time, so users will always know if they need to pick up the pace or slow it down.

You will be able to see information related to your rowing speed, distance, time, pulse and more. This all serves the user well as a all in one package to track their progress. What’s more you will be able to easily navigate and control through the various options using a keypad that is designed to offer sweat resistance.

Resistance and difficulty levels

It runs on magnetic style resistance and with eight levels of difficulty, some would argue it is a little on the low side for perhaps the more seasoned rower. Beginners, as often is the case with many cardio trainers, will find a great deal of challenges to progress through, intermediate users can start off somewhere in the middle and work their way up, but for those already highly conditioned and row on a regular basis, you may want to go for something with a greater variety in tension.

Heart rate monitoring

It will include a Polar T34 chest strap that is used to accurately monitor users heart rate. This is a fantastic way to measure both your resting and active pulse to determine performance and whether or not you need to up the pace or bring it down a few notches.

The data that the device records is sent to the display, which utilizes it’s built in receiver to display the data.

Training options

In addition to the several different stages of difficulty and resistance, the Kettler Stroker can be used in more ways than just your traditional rowing. With many different movements including bent over row, seated curls and more, you can really bring your full body into the workout.

Working out more muscle groups will be a lot more intensive depending on how hard you train, and the harder you train the more effective your results are going to be in the end, whether it is losing a certain amount of weight, or toning up for the summer vacation.

Warranty information

The warranty listed is three years on parts and labor so you are covered should anything go wrong.

Final thoughts

Sitting comfortably in the medium tier price point, the Kettler Stroker rowing machine certainly packs a decent amount of settings and features for the price. A solid design that ensures maximum comfort for the user combined with several different resistance levels could make this a affordable home gym solution for both the beginner and intermediate user.

Other review sources

Amazon – Plenty of positive feedback floating around here. Several users are happy with their rower, with some talking about the quality of the design and structure. Other positive feedback includes it functioning smoothly. Negative issues include the monitor having certain limitations as to what it can achieve with calorie monitoring.

Costco – A mixed reaction from consumers here. Some complaints include it being uncomfortable, and noisy. While others look at the benefits such as the sturdiness and how smoothly it runs.

Argos – Positive notes include how easy it is to put together and store away after use. Other points of note include the strength of the machine and how smooth the rowing movement is

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