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As an outrigger style rower, the Kettler Kadett rowing machine is designed to give users realistic water resistance training in varying levels of difficulty. This ranges from a light level one through to a heavy level twelve. The broad range of tension is a fantastic way of meeting the needs of consumers in the market due to it being suitable for the absolute beginner to more advanced fitness professionals.

With such a respected brand behind it, there should be no surprises that it sets a high standard in the lower to medium price tier range. Even if you doubt that, there is plenty of feedback to be found from customers commenting on it’s qualities around the web.

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Features and specifications

Like many big money decisions, you don’t want to pay blindly for something that may go wrong in the near future. That is why our exercise equipment reviews aim to give users a clear idea of quality through thorough analysis of it’s specs, design, training effectiveness and user ratings. In this rowers case, it has a well respected brand behind it (Kettler), that has made some of the home gym equipment industries top rated cardio machines such as the Stroker and the Coach M.

If you take the time to look through our summaries in the rowing machine reviews page, what you will find is that many of their products seem to be results driven and can really help increase the speed at which you lose weight, burn calories and tone up muscles. However, we believe it is important to let the specs and various reviews and ratings do the talking.

Design, structural quality and comfort

The Kadett is designed in such a way that it reduces impact on your joints and minimizes the risks of injury. There is certainly a level of design quality here that takes into account your overall comfort levels, which is fantastic as it can often be overlooked at this lower to medium budget level.

If you are working out intensively, the last thing you need is to re-position yourself or fidget to get comfortable. This can often be frustrating and hinder results. Which is why this particular model has smooth fluid motions in order to keep your training posture consistent throughout.

Seating could be of higher quality however it is contoured and padded and will provide a good amount of support. The smooth rollers on the frame should negate any uncomfortable strokes with a smooth gliding motion that takes the majority of the impact, allowing your body to last longer.

Easy assembly is both convenient and saves time when setting up which can be used in starting your training regime. The great thing about this rower is that it will not take up a whole lot of space with a reasonably compact design measuring at just 59 inches in length by 67 inches width by 18 inches height. Your average suburban home gym and perhaps even inner city ones too should accommodate this sort of size with ease. What’s more, when not in use it folds up quite neatly and does a great job in saving space.

Perhaps one of the design flaws is one that should be expected. That is this is not a heavy duty option. Wear and tear and constant use will take it’s tole on it eventually. If you are looking for something a bit more durable that can stand up against the test of time then we would advise going up a price tier to find the sturdier frames.

Having said that, this does not mean the Kettler Kadett rower is not good enough. On the contrary, for the majority of users it’s manufacturer recommended weight capacity of 250 pounds will be more than enough for the average user.

The footplates are pivoted to ensure feet are correctly positioned for maximum comfort. What you will find is that a simple design inclusion such as this will help it accommodate the many different leg lengths and feet sizes, making it a good option for multiple people or family households.

Training options

Specifically built to mimic water resistance, this rowing machine will almost certainly push you to the limit with a well planned out exercise regime. There are a total of twelve different levels of resistance that give users a little bit of leeway when choosing how intensively to train.

The amount of tension provided is nothing groundbreaking, but for a low cost machine, it is certainly up there standing toe to toe with many of it’s competitors. Comparisons can be drawn up about many different models, but this one certainly has a good chance of providing the best amount of work out settings at this price.

Those of you not aware of varying levels of tension will find that you are able to switch between each depending on your current level of fitness. The idea is to start at where you feel comfortable and gradually work your way up them. It’s not a great idea staying on the easy levels forever as you aren’t pushing yourself to be as healthy as you can be and your muscles tend to need fresh stimulation every now and then for growth and improvements in endurance.

Computer monitor and tracking progress

It includes a simple monitor at the front that tracks and displays key information about your row including how many strokes you have done, how fast you have done it, how long it took you, how far you have travelled and a couple of other extremely handy features that lend themselves well to improving your health and fitness.

The text is easily readable with clear and crisp lettering, and top class sound and visual setting that really add to the overall experience.

What are consumers saying?

We feel it is important to see what real customers have been saying about it in reviews around the web including various eCommerce shops.

Amazon – Consumers certainly have plenty of positive things to say about it. Some praise the motion of stroke and how it glides, others go on to talk about the sturdy frame and quiet operation. Negative points we came across include wrong manuals being sent, and a complaint about the welding being of poor quality.

Dick’s sporting goods – Very little feedback found here, but the one we did find complained about the instructions being in German. This seems to be a common theme across multiple stores, so be aware of that fact as you may need to improvise at some stages of the assembly process. (Unless you speak German that is!)


Summary of our final thoughts

The Kettler Kadett rower is popular for a reason, plenty of buyers have had plenty of great things to say about it and that is straight away,  a good sign of quality. Our personal views of this machine is that it can provide a solid home cardio workout for a very affordable price.

There is plenty of competition out there, but not many offer the same amount of exercise options. Overall we believe there is plenty of value to be found with smooth consistent strokes, good choice in resistance, and it will offer a comfortable platform from which to burn off those extra calories. If you are currently unsure of what suits your requirements and have a medium budget, this could be the missing piece of the puzzle.

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