Kettler Favorit review

Rowing is a top class cardiovascular exercise that gives a full body workout from your legs to your core, back, arms and shoulders. As rowing machines go, the Kettler Favorit certainly has some fantastic functions and design features that can be used effectively in your fight against fat.

This model has become one of the more popular rowers of choice on the market with plenty of users offering feedback about its design and exercise effectiveness.

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An interesting design that places emphasis on fat burning and endurance. When used consistently and intensively, users can notice results extremely quickly. Of course, users diet and nutrition also plays a part in that, but this could be the perfect addition to your home gym if you are looking to drop a few pounds and tone up in time for summer. In addition to the above, you may also be interested in reading our coach e review. Both have some advanced design features and can have a large impact on how well you perform in the long run.

How it’s features can help you

This machine is a lower to medium tier solution for those of you on a lower budget. For beginners and intermediate users looking to build up their home gym on limited resources this may be a great choice for you. Lets take a look at the spec list to help you find out if it meets your needs.

  • A full body workout serving three main purposes. Toning, stamina building, and weight loss. And it is extremely effective at achieving results for all three. With a well planned out training regime, the sky is the limit on how far you go.
  • Continuous resistance allow rowers to go at their own pace that they are comfortable with. Although I feel I should mention if you always stay at a pace or difficulty you are comfortable with, how do you expect to make progress. Always aim to push yourself further then you normally would when exercising, it is the quickest and most effective way to get the results you need.
  • Ergonomically designed seat for user comfort and reduced stress on the back, bum and things. A comfortable seat will also help reduce the amount of aching users feel the day after an intensive workout session.
  • The computer at the front of the rower allows users to take note of stroke rate, time, how far you have travelled and more. This is very handy for those of you who enjoy setting yourselves targets. Find out what your best is, then use that figure as a target to beat each time you row.
  • It has a large durable frame and parts which can withstand user weights of up to 250 pounds. Perhaps not the most heavy duty in the market, but for the price, this could be a solid investment that lasts longer than you expect a machine to last at this price point.
  • Its dimensions are : 49 inches by 31 inches by 10 inches, and will fit in the majority of home gyms with ease.

Summary – an inexpensive, reliable rower

This offers all the flexibility required to maintain your health and is definitely one of the better budget solutions on the market that will meet the average rowers needs. It is a perfect match for home gym use with limited resources and space. Whats more it will provide users with a fantastic fat burning, stamina building workout that is highly effective. Value for money can certainly be found in this product, With some great features that will keep the rower working hard and getting in shape.

Click here to read customer reviews and check prices

Our rating:82%
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