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The Coach M is a medium tier indoor rowing machine that is manufactured in Germany. It will ultimately help you build up strength and burn off excess weight. The movement involved in rowing can be quite intensive and tiring and will bring a lot of muscle groups into the workout. This in term will provide users with a highly effective, full body workout.

While it is not the most expensive model on the market, there is a certain degree of expectation that comes with the mid level price point. Which is why we have had a look around the web for reports and ratings from several leading retailers but there is currently very little feedback floating around. We hope to remedy this by providing a thorough analysis, that highlights the best and worst features of the rower.

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Rowers Comparison

RowerResistanceDimensions (inches)Max weightOur Rating
Kettler Coach MMagnetic80 x 26 x 20280 lbs4
Velocity CHR-2001Magnetic80.3 x 20.1 x 25.2275 lbsN/A
ProRower H2O RX-750Hydraulic78 x 22 x 20350 lbsN/A
Lifecore R88Magnetic53 x 24 x 33300 lbsN/A

Design and structure quality

Let’s kick things off by noting that the Kettler Coach M looks fantastic. It has a modern look that will look great in most home gyms. It has a strong, powder coated frame which will make this rower very sturdy. If there ever was a key indicator that pointed towards a long lasting, durable product it is in the frame which has been considerably well designed by most peoples standards.

In addition to the above, it has certainly built with space saving qualities in mind. It can be stored upright, making it very simple to store it away in a corner or cupboard when not in use. This is made easier with the attached transportation castors that make it very easy to move around the home. Space efficiency should always be in the front of your mind when choosing a new model, and this one in particular will excel in households with limited space with dimensions of 80 by 26 by 20 inches.

It has a four easy to follow assembly guide that makes things simpler and less time consuming. If any of you have put together cardio equipment in the past, you will appreciate that the easier a machine is to set up the better.


The LCD computer monitor is situated right at the front of the machine. It is highly visible and easy to read as you row. It will send key performance statistics to the monitor so that people can note down and track their current progress. It does this by measuring time taken, stroke speed, distance, pulse and much more. When you take the time to roll all this information into one package, you will really begin to get an understanding of how well you are doing. After you get a rough idea of progress, you can then use this data to tweak, improve upon and plan your future training sessions to get the most out of the time spent rowing.

Resistance and difficulty levels

The Kettler Coach M rowing machine comes equipped with ten different magnetic resistance levels. Users will be able to work their way through the varying levels of tension and build upon their strength as they go. This slow and progressive type of training is highly effective, even for beginners. Even highly conditioned veterans will be challenged with some of the higher levels offering a very intensive workout.

It’s flywheel is designed to provide a smooth and steady workout as you pull on the handle/oar. It weighs 6 kg and gives that little extra stability needed for an effective workout.

Built to give an accurate feeling of being on the water, with the varying levels of currents, it will bring a sense of realism to your training and it certainly will motivate you to push yourself harder than usual, accelerating results.

Heart rate monitoring

Easily measure your pulse rate using the included Polar t34 chest strap. Use the data to decide whether or not to intensify your rowing or take it back a few notches, depending on your goals. All the data can be read on the monitor thanks to a built in receiver.

Training options

There is plenty of different movements that can be done using this rower. Just a few of these include:

– Standard rows
– Standing squat
– Standing bent over row
– Lying pull over
– Seated curls
– Standing cross over

When you take into account the amount of different muscle groups that can be worked through the different exercises you can do with this model, you begin to understand the overall value it has to offer. This is truly a machine that offers a full body workout.

Users will be able to strengthen there abs, biceps, triceps, lats, quads and much more as long as they are consistent in their training efforts and have a good plan with regards to exercise sessions and diet. Both of these play a major role whatever way you look at it, so it is important to get these things right early, rather than wasting time.

Warranty information

A lot of rowers are well protected with warranty and the Coach M rower is no exception. It offers lifetime warranty on the frame, and an additional three years on the parts. It’s always good to check you are covered in the event that something should go wrong.

Final thoughts

While some will argue there is better rowing machines on the market, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that the Kettler Coach M is reasonably priced considering what is actually included and the amount of things you can do with it. However, as budget is often a limiting factor for many consumers, there is also a slightly lower cost option in the Kettler Stroker. In addition to this, you may also want to take a look into our review of the Kettler Kadett. Both possess a great design which will be beneficial to the end user.

In addition to the many different exercises achievable, users will certainly appreciate a solid, durable build, with a multitude of training options available to them to improve stamina, build up strength, and burn off fat.

It will work well as a home gym cardio machine and will offer the flexibility in both time and design needed to cater for the wider majority of users looking to get in shape. Let’s not forget all the positive things you get from working out at home like reduced commuting times to and from a commercial gym, less cash spent on petrol, no more membership fees, and no more waiting for a machine to free up. Although the initial investment is significant, the amount saved in the long run can be enormous.

Other review sources

Amazon – Some positive points from consumers include comments about it being well built and designed, and that it takes very little time to assemble. Negative feedback included not enough resistance and a broke flywheel after 6 months which was replaced.

John Lewis – Positive points included quick assembly time. Negative included a comment regarding a juddery feeling on the rower which Kettler believed to be caused by bearings being a bit too tight.

Fitness Superstore – Positive points include quiet operation, quick to put together, and the seat glides in a smooth manner. No negative feedback found to date.

Hayneedle – Positive points include simplicity of storing it away when not in use, smooth and quiet operation and a sturdy frame. Negative points include not enough resistance levels for serious rowers.

As you can tell, there are some common themes throughout each of the reviews including the strength and stability of the frame, which in our opinion highlights how durable the product is. Other repeated points included how quiet it runs, which is fantastic for a family home.

The only negative point that appears to be a re-occurrence  is the limitations of the tension/resistance. We believe beginners and intermediate users can get a lot out of it, but for some, it does not appear to provide them with enough of a challenge.

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