Kettler coach e review

For users looking for a higher level of performance, why not  check out the kettler coach e rowing machine. It is a top tier rower which offers avid rowers huge amount of benefits to their health, strength and endurance. When used with correct form it can also help with everyday posture issues.

With a stable structure, and strategically placed foot rests to deliver users plenty of comfort, it’s easy to see why this rower would make an ideal piece of equipment for home use.

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Users will get a great range of motion with every stroke maximizing both major muscle groups and stabilizing muscles to get the full benefits of the workout. Probably better suited to someone who is looking for a higher tier option or those of you with a medium to large budget. The problem a lot of users face when choosing a new rower is where do you drawer the line between quality, technology and price. Before you come to a final decision though, you may be interested in reading our review of the Kettler favorit. This is another product that is held in high regard and can really make a difference to your cardio training.

You will need to get a rough idea of the design and measurements to see how well it will fit your body. A lot of injuries are picked up when users are incorrectly positioned on the machine, so you will need something that is big (or small enough) to accommodate your frame. This particular rowers dimensions are 80 inches by 26 inches by 20 inches and footrests that are positioned in such a way that will feel natural to the user. With positional issues covered, lets take a look at the various specifications, benefits and features provided.

  • Users will be able to use up to twelve different built in fitness programs. Some of these are heart rate based, others performance based, but whatever your requirements, there will be a program for almost anyone who wants to improve their fitness.
  • Runs on eddy current resistance that will increase and match you every step of the way.  The harder you row the harder the resistance. It is highly effective in helping users lose weight and tone up and while it does require a certain amount of consistency, it will provide you everything needed to get the results you need. Also, with this resistance system comes some extra benefits such as a smoother and much more stable workout.
  • Foot rests are well designed to ensure feet are in the correct through all movements of the workout.
  • A handy addition which I think most users will agree is the Polar T34 wireless chest strap is included with the rower. This gadget will help in monitoring users pulse.
  • The frame itself is sturdy and strong with a carbon steel frame.
  • Out of the box, this rower will be a lot easier than most machines to set up and assemble.


The Kettler coach e  is clearly an expensive option, but at the same time it offers a lot of quality that you don’t find in msot rowers on the market. A solid frame and plenty of features that will help users achieve some of their best workouts to date. Definitely worth keeping an eye on or considering if you are looking to upgrade your cardio equipment.

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Our rating:88%
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