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Find out about the latest and greatest rowers on the market. We look through the different types of products and conclude which stand out from the crowd through detailed analysis.

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BodyCraft are a well respected brand in the rowing machine sector. Founded in 1994 with the vision of bringing consumers a quality end product with an affordable price tag, they have managed to produce some of the more popular rowers on the market.

Often found with solid warranty options and tons of training features, it should come as no surprise that consumers have left a lot of positive feedback around the web. But as with any big cash decision, there is important research to be done into which machine suits you, the users requirements best. That is where we, at Consumer Lot come in. We have created reviews list below that talk about specific models main design features and specifications.

BodyCraft VR400
BodyCraft VR500

Diamondback Fitness
Diamondback fitness are not that well known for their rowing machines. That does not mean to say there isn’t hidden gems to be found from their product ranges. With a strong brand behind them, and plenty of resources to pour into creating and improving new training technologies to help hone and maximize rowing potential.

Listed below, you will see our list of reviews written by us, underlining the key areas where each machine excels and where they disappoint. We have created these summaries with the hope that consumers will be able to understand the products in detail before they purchase it.

Diamondback Fitness 910R

ettler rowing machines offer some fantastic designs that are perfect for home gym use. Prices vary from model to model depending on the tier of the machine and training features, but there is often value for money to be found when looking in the right places.

Founded in 1949, they have gradually grown into the large reputable company that they are known as today, not just limited to the fitness equipment market.

We have looked around the net for consumer reports on their products and have taken time to review several of them which can be found listed below. Within these reviews, users will find detailed information about the build and design of the machine, the type of resistance, how affordable it is in relation to similar models, and other key factors such as durability and training functions.

Kettler Favorit
Kettler Coach E
Kettler Stroker
Kettler Kadett
Kettler Coach M

Lifecore Fitness have an impressive reputation in the fitness industry and perhaps more notably in the rowing machine market. Located in Vista in California they produce some of the most reliable rowers for home gym use. They have over fifteen years experience producing and improving upon there current technologies and equipment to give users the most comfortable, and realistic row possible.

You will find they produce a good amount of variety in price and quality to meet the different budget demands consumers tend to have. Scouring the web for there different models (past and present) we have found the majority of customer feedback received has been positive, highlighting the quality and consistency in the design and build of there machines.

To save you time in hunting down the perfect Lifecore rower, we have compiled a list of reviews that go into detail about the various benefits and disadvantages of using them. What’s more consumers will be able to paint a clearer picture in there mind of the amount of value for money they are getting.

Lifecore R100
Lifecore R88

Lifespan Fitness
LifeSpan Fitness offer some top quality rowing machine designs. Founded in 2001, it was originally producing fitness equipment for the age range of 55 and over. As time has gone by, they have gradually expanded and improved upon there design and technology to bring users comfortable rowers that go easy on the joints and lay the foundations for a top class cardio workout.

Lifespan Fitness RW1000

ProForm rowing machines usually offer solid foundations that provide durability and longevity. Of course we can’t speak for every product in their rower ranges, but for the most part, consumers seem to be pleased with their purchases around the web.

They are part of ICON Health & Fitness group who are a huge name in the fitness and exercise industry with several leading and popular brands under their belts. So they tend to offer top class technology and designs that ensure the user gets the most out of his/her workout.

ProForm Dual Trainer
ProForm 440r

ProRower is a branch of HealthCare International, who offer several high quality rowing machines with innovative technology and comfortable designs. They supply several different types of cardio equipment, but some of their more popular choices include their H2O rowing range.

Many consumers have plenty of positive things to say about their equipment from this brand. That is why we offer a list of reviews for particular models in order for users to research more before they buy.

ProRower H2O RX-750

Stamina are arguably one of the best brands in terms of value for money. Their rowing machines can often be found with an affordable price tag attached to them making them a very popular choice for people with home gyms.

They were founded in 1987 and have a foothold in many different areas with many of their products being sold in e-commerce stores, sporting goods retailers, and catalogs to name a few.

Looking around the web for various customer feedback and reports, their rowers tend to be very popular among consumers due to their reliability, strong designs and variety in training features. We have a list of some of these machines that will help consumers cutback on research time and understand how each piece of equipment differs from the next through detailed buying guides, advice and reviews.

Stamina 1205
Stamina Avari Easy Glide
Stamina 1215 Orbital
Stamina Body Trac Glider
Stamina 15-9003
Stamina Air Rower

Offering a highly intensive, full body workout, rowing machines are at the center of many peoples cardio training regime. There ease of use, convenience and effectiveness have made them a very popular choice among users who exercise regularly.

Regardless of how knowledgeable you are about rowing in general, consumers often find it difficult to choose a machine that fits there requirements. There are always certain limitations and barriers that must be overcome such as budget, and the overall dimensions of a rower. To make these choices easier, we at Fresher Fitness want to help you understand the best and worst features of specific models, which you can read more about by navigating through the list at the top.

The different types of rowing machines

  • Water Resistance
  • Air Resistance
  • Magnetic Resistance
  • Piston Resistance

Each type of resistance offers it’s own unique properties. What you decide to go with will ultimately come down to what you are looking to achieve. For a lot of people this is losing weight, building strength, and improving endurance.

How we determine ratings and quality of a rowing machine

In an ideal world, we would be able to list out the best from top to bottom in terms of effectiveness and value. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the market, there is so many variables that can come into play, often confusing consumers. What we can do to help you make your decision is provide detailed reviews and ratings on individual products that cover four main point:

  • Comfort – This generally covers how users feel on the machine. Design features including adjustable features, padding and contours on the seat, handles, foothold spacing and many others. The more a user can position themselves to feel comfortable the better as the mind tends to focus solely on the workout at hand rather than pain and position.
  • Training features – This covers a huge amount of specs ranging from the computer display offering real time stat feedback, through to the resistance and overall difficulty of the workout.
  • Durability – How strong the foundations and frame are. We look at various design features to understand if it is built to last.
  • Value for money – Understanding the value of a product is by no means easy. We feel the best way to decide on value is by comparing it to other models on the market. Find out what each does differently to one another and how they are priced.
  • Compactness – If you are planning to use it for your home gym, how much space it takes up could be a deciding factor for many. We always look at key design information that could enhance this such as dimensions and whether or not it can be folded and stored easily.
  • Consumer feedback – We have a long list of fitness related sources which we use to dig into the mindset of the user. We look at common faults with the electronics, frame, packaging and even things such as customer service.
  • Expert opinions – Taking into account other reviews from experts is another way in which we can determine the overall value and effectiveness of a machine. What we often find is that the best rowing machines are often those that tend to have similar opinions from several sources.

The whole idea of this is to summarize the good and bad points of a rowers design, and highlighting value where we see it. By doing so, it can cut research time in half and allow people to make an informed buying decision. Compare rowing machines by using the list of brands above and clicking on the model that you are interested in.

Common words used and their definition

We understand there will be quite a few people who visit this site who will be looking to purchase their very first piece of fitness equipment. So we have put together a short list of jargon terms and their definition so you can better understand how we write our articles.

Console – These are the electronic screens and menus on the front of the machine that allow a user to navigate and choose between programs, and resistances. Not all are equipped with a console, but those that are tend to be in the slightly more advanced category.

Frame – Think of this as the foundations of the machine. It is the part where the seating, console and other important parts are attached to. It is the spine of the product and holds everything together.

Flywheel – This is one of the most important parts. It ultimately controls the resistance levels and is the major factor behind the amount of force and momentum needed to perform a stroke.

Stroke – To do one full stroke means to complete a full rep of the pull and release movement.

Stroke rate – How many full strokes you are performing each minute.

There are many different variables between cardio training products, that is why a good amount of research is required before deciding on the quality of a rower. We aim to take this to the next level by giving consumers a one stop shop resource to find all the information about a particular model before they spend any cash on it.

We do this by summarizing the products main features and specifications, then add in what users around the web have been saying about it on various sources such as online retailers and much more.

Any questions left unanswered, please feel free to use our contact form to get in touch with us.

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