Powerline BSG10X review

Packed with some tremendous qualities, the Powerline BSG10X comes as one of the top rated home gyms on the market. It is a platform packed with several units designed to increase your strength and muscle mass. Very easy to assemble and surprisingly compact make this a ideal option for those with limited space available.

Growing popularity among consumers means that there is a loyal following of people who have been impressed with the quality of the end product and the results they have attained using it.

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Design and structure quality

The combined strength of a 11 gauge, chrome plated frame means a lot of stability in every sense of the word. Those of you shopping around for something based on longevity could well find exactly what they have been searching for in this particular piece of home workout equipment.

There seems to be a structural quality trend among these types of home gyms in the fitness market with several similar machines offering durable framework such as the Xtreme 2SE from Bowflex, the Diamond MD2109 from Marcy and the EXM1500S from Body Solid. Aside from their reputable brand names, there is many way in which this gym competes with them.

The amount of space a machine takes up can often be vital in picking out suitable models. This one in particular measure at 42 x 80 x 70 inches which as it happens, is quite compact despite the amount of training features available.

Perhaps one of the highlights of the design is the fact that it is extremely quick to assemble with just nine bolts needing to be tightened. This removes the frustration of missing parts and human error and allows you to focus on the important stuff such as bulking up and improving your strength.

The cables have an impressive 2200 pound tension strength which highlights just how safe and stable they are. No one wants a snapped cable causing injury midway through lifting.

Training and functionality

With strength training it is often a case of go hard or go home. The great thing about the BSG10X is that there is so many exercises readily available to you. Users can easily conduct a full body work out that hits the major muscle groups using a combination of exercises listed below.

Pull down station – ideal for hitting your back, more specifically, your lat muscles.

Chest press – Built up pectoral muscle mass and strength with heavy press movements.

Leg extensions – Hit your thighs and other leg muscles using the handy leg extension/curl unit.

There are plenty of other training options achievable, but the key here is to highlight the most important ones to get a better understanding of functionality and effectiveness.

A 160 pound weight stack will be more than enough for a lot of peoples training regime. Beginners will have a good amount of leeway for gradually building up strength and intermediate lifters will find a good amount of challenge. However, more advanced users such as power lifters may not get the full benefits of what is on offer here.


Good coverage on the frame with ten years warranty. One year on parts just in case.

What are consumers saying about it?

We have researched various shops, and websites around the web and there is certainly a recurring vibe where happy customers provide positive feedback and ratings commenting on the amount of value for money provided, how well put together it is, and the amount of workouts you can do using it.

With so many similar reviews echoing these thoughts, it is a clear indication of the reliability and effectiveness of it.


Well priced in the medium tier range, although the Gold’s Gym XR45 maybe a good match with similar qualities, the Powerline BSG10X certainly has a lot to offer. Those of you with strength improvement and muscle building at the heart of your fitness targets, should certainly consider this machine as it provides all the base movements needed to sculpt an impressive physique. A strong foundation with durable parts allow this model to offer great value for money.

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