Marcy Diamond MD2109 review

Looking to build upon your existing collection of fitness equipment for your home gym? If that’s the case then the Marcy Diamond MD2109 certainly fits the bill. It provides a handy, all in one package for strength training.

It’s a very versatile machine that supports various training techniques that will help build muscle endurance, mass and toning. There are far fewer limitations with what can be worked thanks to it’s pressing and pulling features. Back, arm, legs and chest muscles are all trainable with the right exercise plan in place.

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Construction and durability

Top rated home gyms tend to have a strong and reliable structure. This particular model has a steel tube frame is at the forefront of this gyms stand out construction features. It will certainly provide a great deal of strength and stability to the structure while working out.

While I can’t comment on the overall durability of the product, it does appears that consumers are happy with the overall sturdiness which is usually a tell tale sign of long lasting machines.

According to various eCommerce and expert sources assembly should be quite easy, without too many complications. This will be welcome by those of you who have spent half a day setting up strength training equipment.

Reasonably compact measuring just 62 inches by 41 inches by 81 inches and weighing 207 pounds. If you have a adequately sized room, this will slot in nicely with plenty of room to spare for other training equipment.

Weights and training

This offers a one hundred pound stack to work with. This will be plenty for beginner and intermediate users. Perhaps more seasoned lifters will appreciate something a bit heavier, but let’s not forget it could work well as a warming up machine too with the broad variety of exercises that you are able to do.

There is a pulley stations attached to the top and bottom that are fantastic for working out the lats, shoulders, arms and other key back muscles. Multiple grips allow plenty of variety in positions to target different muscle fibers. Common uses will be lat pull downs and different types of rows. More creative uses for the lower could include several leg workouts.

In addition to this there is a press part that will be great for several different pectoral exercises including independent flys. The handles come with user comfort in mind thanks to the foam placed on them. This can significantly reduce impact on your arms, hands and wrists as you workout.

What are consumers saying about it?

As always we get lot’s of information about products from various areas of the web. Top fitness professionals, plus various e-commerce stores are great ways to summarize the overall feeling towards most gym products. Listed below are just a few places we have visited in our research.

Amazon – Plenty of positives mentioned including ease of assembly and well made. Both are clear signs that it has been well designed. On the flip side however, there is some concerns from some users saying that there isn’t enough weight on it for the stronger individuals, which could well be true as we mentioned above. Beginners and intermediate users will most likely find a lot of benefits in using it though.

Walmart – One user talks about the value for the price which we certainly agree with. This machine is very cheap when you compare it to several competitors with the same design features. One user however, complained about damage to the product upon arrival. This could be more down to the merchant rather than the manufacturer, but it is something worth keeping your eye on.

Interestingly enough, most reviews from feedback around the web seem to follow similar themes indicating that they are most likely to be what you can expect upon purchase yourself.

Other gyms worth considering

With plenty of competition and choice out there, it can be difficult to pick a good match for your training needs and room requirements. However, the Xtreme 2SE from Bowflex is a good bet. Additionally, there is another well respected model in the BSG10X from Powerline as well as the BFMG20 from Best Fitness. It is worth checking them out before making any final decision, as no two machines are the same, and certain advantages can be found in different brands if you put the research in.


While not world class, the MD2109 has plenty of great things going for it that will certainly add value to most home gyms. The sheer value on offer for a surprisingly low price tag could well mean you are snapping up a bargain. Overall, it is a strong product with a respected brand behind it offering plenty of options in training.

The amount of muscles that can be worked should be a massive incentive for buying, as it provides a somewhat all in one solution to your strength training which in turn will help you bulk or tone up. The downside to that could be that because it is machine workouts, it does not bring the supporting muscles into the equation as much.

If you have a medium to large size gym, this could be everything you need to get in shape and burn off fat.

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