Gold’s Gym XR45 review

The XR45 home gym offers the most important design features required in any strength building machine. That is durability, reliability, and variety in lifts. Not all brands place heavy importance on all three of these, but Gold’s Gym certainly have.

The different combinations will allow the user to build up mass in key muscle groups such as pectorals, abs, biceps, traps, lats, calves, quads, glutes and many more. It truly is a full body machine that when used alongside a solid cardio regime, will yield results.

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Features, specifications and design

Those of you worried about the shortage of weight/resistance, need not fear. This machine comes with up to two hundred and ten pounds of resistance and has all the makings of becoming the equipment central to your strength building and muscle toning success.

The surprising thing is that for a product like this that is filled with tons of great design and training features, it is also relatively inexpensive when you look at some of the competition such as the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE or the Powerline BSG10X. Not that there is anything wrong with those machines, we just want to give examples that highlight why their is a certain amount of value for money to be found here.

When we dive in and take a closer look at the design specs that really help you incorporate almost every muscle groups into your training. There is the ability to do lat pull downs from the pulley station, presses on the mid station, and several curls on the lower leg station. The amount of muscles hit includes but is not limited to: Pecs, abdominal, triceps, biceps, deltoids, calves, quads, hamstrings, lats and many more. Several other muscles also tend to get hit acting as supporting muscles, meaning this really is a all round way to fit your workout in. To give you a rough idea of how many workouts you can do on the upper pulley can do around 15 different exercises while the lower can do around 40. If you spare a thought to the amount of variety included there, and then look at the price, you will begin to see the value of which we speak.

The lat bar is included, as well as an ankle strap and chart full of exercises.

The dimensions after assembly come to:  Height is :6′ 7″  Width is: 3′ 2″ Depth is: 5′ 4″. Sure, a reasonable amount of space is still required but most home gym users will have enough space available to slot this in quite easily.

The only downside is perhaps after you assemble it, it is going to be very difficult to carry and move around the house. So ensure you have selected the right room before you put it together.

What are consumers saying about it?

After doing some research on what people are saying about it, we found the majority of ratings we found on various stores and online shops were positive with some excellent feedback. Not really too surprised as it is not an expensive machine and it over delivers in our view.


While some machines need a more detailed summary, we feel that the Gold’s gym XR45 speaks for itself in terms of it’s overall capabilities, design, effectiveness and value. User reviews only reflect our opinions which is a tell tale sign that it is a top quality product that will not only help you bulk or tone up, but increase strength as well.

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