FreeMotion 620 BE Power Cage review

Versatile, convenient, and stable are just a few words we would use to describe the 620 be power cage. Those of you looking for home fitness equipment with greater all round attributes will enjoy the long list of features and specs outlined by FreeMotion.

One of the first things we notice is the amount of muscle groups users will be able to workout with various raise stations, squat rack, pull up handles and several other top design features that will truly enhance and simplify consumers workout experience. It also includes a useful exercise chart.

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Construction quality and durability

No two home gyms are built the same. Some can be flimsy and feel unstable, while others can be well built and heavy duty. This particular model is modeled around the latter with a 300 pounds user weight limit recommended by the manufacturer and a solid steel framework. This will hold steady for the majority of people using it to exercise with stable construction that is built to last.

Which exercises can you use it for?

One of the reasons this has been hailed as a cheap commercial gym alternative is because of the amount of different workouts you can perform on it. There is very little limitations when it comes to training your whole body and comes with several extremely convenient stands, bars, and handles that can help with both body weight and free weight exercises. Listed below are just a few things you can use this power cage for.

Vertical knee raises – Bring your knees and legs up to your chest and work on your core strength. There are many different ways to perform this exercise and with a low enough body fat percentage, it will really make your abdominal muscles pop. This parts is fully removable, which is handy as things that stick out of home gyms often get in the way of other areas of training.

It is cushioned on both the handles and back area to ensure users are comfortable at all phases or the movement.

Pull up bar – Work out your shoulders, lats, arms and more using the multi grip pull up handles. This is a brilliant way to build up upper body strength and on the right diet, results can be visible fairly quickly. This is removable to make the most of the space available in the gym.

Squat rack – Looking to build up strength using one of the big three? It’s built in four post squat rack will help you target key muscle groups such as your glutes, quads, and calves. Squats are regarded as one of the best workouts for building mass and strength, not only in the legs, but also in supporting muscles too. There are several different tiers that act as a safety precaution just in case you are lifting more than you can handle and need to put the weight down.

Weight storage

Removing the need to move far to put on more weights, it comes with handy free weight storage racks. Unfortunately no weights are included upon purchase but there is plenty of room to store plates when you eventually do get round to buying them.

Dimensions and weight

Once you have worked out what parts go where and everything is put together it will measure at 85 inches by 69 inches by 77 inches, and it will weigh 298 pounds.

Warranty information

Consumers are protected by ninety days warranty on labor and parts.

There are several similar models on the fitness market, including the Body Solid EXM1500SBowflex Xtreme 2SE and the Marcy Diamond MD2109. All of these gyms provide a lot of choice in the types of exercises you do and are inexpensive once you take into account the amount you would spend on gym memberships, and other expenses such as commuting in the long run.


Some will argue that the price feels steep. However, from what I have researched, I am a firm believer that the FreeMotion 620 BE has a lot of top qualities going for it. There is clear value when you consider how much each of the individual knee raise station,  pull up stands, and squat racks would cost. In addition to that you should also consider that this is a all in one solution that will allow you to get a great full body workout via both body weight training and weights (providing you have a bar and plates).

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