Bowflex Xtreme 2SE review

Ever increasing in popularity, home gyms are fast becoming the must have tool to get in shape. Their convenience and cost effectiveness have helped them gain explosive growth the fitness market with an ever increasing demand from consumers looking to put on muscle mass and stay healthy.

The Bowflex Xtreme 2SE is one of these machines. For those of you currently researching into this model with the view of buying further down the line, we have provided a detailed review that offers unique viewpoints from both consumers and experts that will ultimately help you make a smart, informed decision.

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Construction quality and durability

A major factor that plays a role in my decisions when buying new exercise equipment is the durability, material and structure. I always want to check the overall quality and how much weight it can hold. Both of these give a good indication about how long it will last. In fact, what you will often find is that the best home gyms tend to have similar sets of features with only branding and pricing setting them apart.

We have heard horror stories over the years from people buying expensive machines only to find out a part has broken or fallen off a couple of weeks later.

Looking at the 2SE, it certainly has some great structural qualities and with a 300 pound user weight capacity, there is a clear sign of strength of the framework.

The ultimate full body workout experience

Users will be spoiled for choice with the amount of exercises possible exceeding all our expectations with a total of over seventy. To give you an idea of the extensive work out options available, we will list a few examples below. In total there are around six for chest, sixteen for back, fourteen for shoulders, twenty four will work arms, three for abs, and finally ten for legs.

Leg extensions – Those of you who are regular gym goers will know all about leg extensions. But to those who don’t, they can be used to improve your muscle mass and toning of your leg muscles, in particular your thighs.

Lat tower – The lats are large muscles in your back. The built in lat tower is a fantastic way to develop these and improve upon existing strength. It will also help build more defined shoulders.

Ab crunches – Strengthen your core, and improve posture using the ab crunch shoulder harness. Used with a combination of low body fat, this can work wonders on your definition and that prized six pack look people aspire too.

Calf raises – Build calf muscle strength using calf raises. These are ideal for helping in increasing things like jump height for sports such as basketball or long jump.

Bench press – Take advantage of this machines ability to do a bench press, inclines bench press and decline bench press. Combined with various flys that are also available and you have all the tools needed to develop an impressive, fuller chest.

Bicep curls – Plenty of different curl workouts available including but not limited to reverse, hammer, barbell, and seated. Great for improving arm definition.

There are plenty of other workouts that I have deliberately missed out because the list would be too long otherwise, however, this should begin to give you an idea of the amount of variety it can add to your training regime.

What are people saying about it?

Plenty of our sources offer a insight into both the positives and negatives. We look at various eCommerce stores and several authority sources listed below to help you get a clear understanding of if it is suitable for your own personal fitness needs.

Amazon – At the time of writing this articles, there is moderate activity on this products page with several different reviews from various users. Overall the feeling towards it is definitely more good then bad. Some praise the compact design while others talk about the quality of the construction. One negative we saw was from someone saying that the amount of exercises is overstated.

Bowflex – Looking at the manufacturers page, the general gist of it is that the pro’s outweigh the negatives. The pro’s being the ease of use, durable, and quiet operation. The cons include it’s weight, and difficulty of putting together.


When you first look at the price of the Xtreme 2SE, it seems a little bit expensive. But in the grand scheme of things, it is a bargain simply because buying various equipment for each of these workout movements individually will be much higher. Combine that with a solid frame, compact design and plenty of positive feedback from consumers and fitness experts around the web and you can begin to understand the level of quality on offer here.


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