Body Solid G10B review

The G10B home gym comes in bi-angular form and is equipped with some essential training features that can really help lifters get the intensity they require to put on mass. Over fifty different workouts stand as a testament to what can be achieved.

It is on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of price, but you are getting a lot more than your average strength training equipment. One thing is for sure, Body Solid, have left no stone unturned in designing it going by consumer and expert feedback found whilst conducting our research.

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Features and specifications

So, what’s included? Well the good news is, every muscle workout is pretty much covered, with a ton of functionality built into each station. Users will be pleased to hear that you can choose from over fifty different exercises ranging from those that work your back and core, through to legs and upper body.

Yes it does come with a hefty price tag, if this is something outside your budget, you may want to look at a cheaper way to build up strength and muscle. We suggest reading our reviews on the Powerline BSG10x and the Marcy Diamond MD2109. Both offer the core specs needed to get in great shape at a lower price.

A closer look at the various stations show it is capable of pec flys, leg extensions, various rows, lat pull downs, crunches, chest pressing, and much more.

It is important to note that while it does provide you with all the necessary tools to train efficiently and effectively, it will require a decent training plan in order to maximize results. A solid diet plan rich in protein would be a good idea too.

The amount of weight and resistance on offer is 210 pounds on each station/stack. More than enough for beginner, casual and slightly more advanced lifters. Those of you who have become accustomed to slightly heavier weights, may find this a great option to use in combination with free weights.

It includes various weightlifting accessories that attach to it including the lat pull down bar, utility & abdominal straps, and the straight bar. All have there place and enhance the overall capability of the product.

And what of the convenience? Upon purchase, you will no longer need to take the time consuming trip to and from the gym. I know many people who spend 20 minutes driving to their local gym and 20 minutes coming back. Those forty minutes can be better spent elsewhere, such as training longer or spending time with the family. Not to mention the amount of cash saved in the long run by no longer needing gym membership!

Product dimensions are: 135 inches x 83.5 inches x 84 inches (Width by Height by Depth). Consumers are also covered by lifetime warranty policy on defects.

Strong and durable framework alongside comfortable, sturdy seating are winning formulas most of the time, and Body Solid have designed a machine that offers stability, padding and a great deal of back support to prevent injury occurrences.

What are consumers and experts saying about it?

From what we have seen through our in depth research, it has been well received by the majority of people who have taken the plunge and purchased it. Rating are high, feedback is positive in the majority of cases which are tell tale signs that you are looking at a high quality machine that gets the job done.

Just a few things we found include praises about it’s delivery and packaging, and a good amount of motion, even for taller men. Negative thoughts include the difficulty of set up, which is quite natural for such a large product. There is plenty of smaller accessories, nuts and so on, that can over complicate things for those not used to DIY. There is an option for home set up on Amazon however, which may be worth taking a look at.


This video take a quick look at it from a 360 degree point of view.


The Body Solid G10B stands out for many reasons. Yes it is the more expensive variety, but you can’t always put a price limit on quality. If you are someone who wants something slightly more heavy duty, that lasts and can give result driven workouts through strength and mass building, this could be a perfect option to use in your household.

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