Body Solid Exm 3000 review

Those of you looking for a more commercial feel for your training may want to look at the Exm 3000 home gym. There is not many machines on the fitness market right now that can match this product in terms of quality and the amount of different workouts you can use it for.

It would be hard to pick one model out as the best home gym, but this is up there with some of the highest rated options in our opinion. The consumer feedback tends to echo these thoughts in most online shops too.

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Features and specifications

As a higher tier model, one can expect a lot from it. It has all the design features, training set up’s, and stations to allow users to maximize their strength gain potential and results.

We would argue that this is more for the serious lifters who are looking to make the jump from commercial gyms to a professional home option with all the trimmings.

To put it simply, this model will train all of the major muscle groups with options for bench press, leg extensions, lat pull downs, flys, rows, calf presses, shoulder pressing and so much more. It is difficult to mention all the movements available in one place, but rest assured, you will have enough there to achieve the results you have been looking for.

Equipped with two hundred and ten pounds weight stacks, lifters can be sure that they will face a tough challenge. Beginner, intermediate and advanced level lifters will find a challenge to suit their training requirements. The weights themselves are very easy to get to and add (or reduce!) weight.

Seating is built to withstand the immense pressure they are put under on a day to day basis with great back support, and padded well to increase comfort.

Durability wise, it has a sturdy, stable frame built from strong materials along with several parts that are of heavy gauge steel.

What are consumers and experts saying about it?

So what are customers making of it around the web from online stores and shops through to experienced trainers and bloggers?

The first thing we noticed in our research is the amount of positive comments found in the majority of reviews. Consumers have flocked to the rating system of various sites to sing it praises. One person left feedback regarding how convenient it is for saving commuting time, and great for working out when and how you want. Another goes on to talk about how solid the frame is and the effectiveness of the workouts.

The limited negative comments talk about the difficulties they had when setting it up. This is quite common for a machine of this size and can be quite a headache if you are not great at DIY. However, if you are buying from Amazon, there was at the time of writing a home set up service which may well be worth looking into.


Perhaps the main downside of the Exm 3000 is the pricing. It is not within reach of every user, but those that can afford it will be in for a treat. If this is the case, the Bowflex PR3000 and Gold’s Gym XR45 are great alternatives that can offer a ton of great workout options. In this models case however, Body Solid have designed a product here ready to stand the test of time with durable materials and framework and they have a ton of great workout stations that can perform almost any exercise you can think of. Ideal for those looking to take their home gyms to a more professional level.

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