Best Fitness BFMG20 review

In the ever changing landscape of the fitness equipment industry, it can be difficult for one particular brand or product to stand out in a price tier. However, the Best Fitness BFMG20 sportsmans gym does just that by bringing a huge variety of muscles into your strength training routine.

Choice is sometimes limited on home gyms, but that is not the case here with a pull down, press, and leg curl station. All three of which can be used to conduct an intensive full body workout.

For a cheap, all round alternative to building muscles, this could be exactly what you need, and customer opinion tends to reflect this view.

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Features and specifications

What’s interesting about this machine, is in it’s price tag. Not often is a machine available to users that is both inexpensive and includes a wealth of different training options for building muscle mass and strength.

According to the manufacturer, it also has specific design features that enhance and improve upon the traditional workout movements. For example, the bench press section has a arc which helps replicate free weight bench press. However, whether or not that is true remains to be seen. If that statement holds true, then what that means for your workout is that it brings more supporting muscles into the movement, giving far more balanced results.

Users will be able to do both fly’s and presses to increase pectoral muscle size and definition. Along with this comes the lat pull down bar and leg curling station. And with a one hundred and fifty pound weight stack, users will find each of these highly intensive and effective.

Other exercises that can be done include a variety of different rows ( seated etc..), curls, deltoid raises, tricep extensions, lat pull down, press & fly, shrugs, oblique bends, and a variety of leg workouts including curls and extensions. Of course you are not just limited to this, but these are the main ones outlined for you to get a rough overview of what to expect.

Design wise, the framework is built to last and the cables are tested to hold massive amount of weight (up to 2200 pounds last I checked). It’s dimensions are 47 inches by 78 inches by 64 inches. That’s width by height by depth. Not too bulky a machine to fit into most modern gym spaces. However with a combined weight of over two hundred and fifty pounds, it may require two to set this up and move around.

The warranty included is that of three years on workmanship and materials.

Now, with the features outlines above, there are several different options that offer a fantastic workout too. The 620 BE is one such example as well as the 2SE and the XR45. There are differences, and in the end it will come down to user preference. But these are all solid machines that are worth keeping tabs on.

What are consumers are saying?

Despite the low price, customers have left plenty of positive feedback from various stores and shops online, with the majority of them giving it an above average rating. This doesn’t come as a surprise for someone who has first hand experience of using product from Best Fitness as they are known to produce durable product that give a fantastic workout, be it cardio or strength training.


Overall, the BFMG20 home gym is probably one of the best you are going to get at this price tier. It stands out for many reasons, not least of all it’s price tag. The top class design, along with the amount of choice lifters get in which muscle groups to work is outstanding. There is a massive amount of value to be found in this product providing you use it consistently and with a plan at hand. This will, of course, include a healthy diet that contains the nutrients required to rebuild muscles after a training session.

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