Xterra ub1.5 review

The Xterra ub1.5 exercise bike is often found with several flywheel options. Both the 17.6 and 22 pound are options which can also offer two separate prices. Great if you have certain limitations on what your budget is going to be.

At first glance there is plenty of positive design aspects that will ensure users all the necessary benefits required to improve upon their health and fitness. With several features that add a little extra challenge and intensity to workouts, and some adjustable positioning features, this could be ideal for training at home.

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Features and specifications

With many exercise bikes and cardio machines available, it is easy for consumers to get confused about whether or not there is value to be found within a specific model. Similar to the ub2.5 model, the ub1.5 upright bike certainly offers a wide range of settings that help it stand out from many of it’s competitors at this price point, but is it right for you? Let’s find out below as we take an in depth look at it’s specs.

  • There is certainly an above average amount of workout programs with twenty four in total. The amount of changes users can make to their training regime is fantastic and can really help boost morale when you are not feeling motivated enough to work out. Included within these 24 apps are  a weight loss/body fat option, two pulse/heart rate based, four different customized programs for users and more. The more to work with the better, and the amount included for the cheap price is quite surprising.
  • On top of the above, there is also plenty of intensity levels for users to work through. With sixteen different levels of magnetic style resistance, both complete newcomers to exercise and veteran cyclists can train to their hearts content. The great thing about variety in tension means users can work there way through each barrier at their own pace, gradually improving their strength and endurance as they go.
  • Choose between two different flywheel options when you first purchase it. There is a 17.6 lbs option and a 22 lbs option. Both offer a smooth yet stable platform for cycling.
  • The design takes into account users comfort. There is a good amount of adjustable design features that can be re-positioned to ensure users are sitting comfortably while peddling. While this will obviously help people concentrate on their training rather that fidgeting, it will also go a long way in preventing injury.
  • A two and a half inch console on the front allows users to view everything related to their workout including feedback from their rides.
  • Despite being a lower tier option, it can still handle a reasonable user weight limit at 250 pounds indicating a strong foundation for durability.
  • When put together, it measures at 39.4 Inch in length x 25.2 Inches in width x 57.8 Inches in height.

Browsing through the market comparing this model with what competitors are offering can prove difficult, which is why we have already lined a couple up for your to read through. The Weslo r 2.2 and Stamina 5325 are excellent example of upright bikes that have solid reputations and plenty of workout functions built in.


The ub1.5 upright bike from Xterra may not be the most pricey or technology rich option on the market. But it does make up for this with a solid end product that has clearly been designed with the users needs in mind. With a good exercise plan, and eating healthy, users could achieve quite a lot in terms of losing weight and building stamina.

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Our rating:84%
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