Sunny SF-B1110 review

The Sunny SF-B1110 premium is a indoor exercise bike with features that can be adapted to meet the needs of the rider. Set up is reasonably simple and it offers some brilliant options to adjust seating and handles to provide the most comfort to the cyclist.

First impressions are quite positive with several sources offering feedback from people who are very happy with their purchase. When you take a step back and look at the design and specs as a whole, it is quite easy to understand why this particular model is a popular option for people with a lower budget.

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Features and specifications and what to expect

With numerous models such as the SF-B1002 and Pro with good reputation, there is a level of expectancy among consumers who have experience using this brand in the past. In most cases it offers a certain level of functionality and tech that you associate with mid tier products, despite being at a lower price point. We believe this is one of it’s main selling points – a low budget cardio trainer that is a fantastic choice for the home gym environment. Let’s learn more about the inner working, frame, and specs below.

Design and comfort

Seating and handlebars are both easily adjustable, to meet the varying height and length demands of the end user. It gives a good amount of leeway for both taller and short users and offers a upright design that brings a sense of realism to your training. Not only that but it also provides a natural riding position from which users can extract the most effort from, making acceleration and sprints a breeze.

Flywheel and drive mechanism

A heavy forty four pound flywheel and chain drive mechanism are the ingredients that make this bike so consistent and smooth. If it’s stability you are looking for, this may be ideal.


The framework and base is arguably one of the stand out features, presenting a very strong and stable platform that is build to stand the test of time. Steel material on the frame and  durable plastic on the various parts is a wining formula for longevity.


46.5 inches length by 20.5 inches width by 47.5 inches height. Compact, and small enough to fit into your average living room. Casually watch television as you peddle.

What are consumers saying?

You only need to take one look around the web at major retailers to understand that this bike offers exactly what it says it offers. Sometimes you find lower priced bikes are over hyped, but this is clearly not the case here and the users who have purchased this bike echo my thoughts.


Structurally safe and sound, the Sunny SF-B1110 exercise bike has some tremendous properties that you don’t often find in this lower price tier. As a budget model, there is a great deal of quality design standards along with smooth consistent operation that is surprisingly quiet for this type of bike. For this price and for the cardio benefits it provides it is a steal in our opinion.

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Our rating:84%
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