Stamina cps 9300 indoor cycle review

The CPS 9300 from Stamina punches above it’s weight in many departments. For a mid tier exercise bike, there is plenty of surprises in store with the first glance at the spec list.

Aside from a well respected brand name in the exercise industry, this will provide a great amount of training options for beginners, intermediate, and advanced riders with a forty pound flywheel, and tracking monitor.

When looking at how consumers are rating it, we have found that the overall majority have nothing but praise for it’s design, comfort and all round training functionality.

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Design and durability

Designed to operate reasonably quietly making it the ideal choice for you home gym. Equipped with a forty pound flywheel, one can expect a very smooth and consistent ride with the belt drive system.

Comfort wise, there is a lot of features that enhance user experience with several options to adjust the frame including height adjustment on the seat as well as horizontal adjustment. This gives users from all backgrounds, tall, or small to get into the most comfortable position possible whilst peddling.

What it lacks in structural support like the Life Fitness r1 recumbent bike, it makes up with through realistic training that resembles your more traditional road racing bikes. This is why this type of bike is widely used in the off season or at times where the weather may effect training. It is a fantastic solution for indoor cycling in your down time.

Another great feature that adds to the overall enjoyment and comfort of this trainer is the ability to adapt and adjust the handlebars to a position that you feel suits your cycling style. Because of the specific way they are designed, there is a lot that can be done in terms of how you grip it. This can have a knock on effect on how tired your arms and wrist feel after an intensive cycling session.

Training, tension, and exercise settings

As mentioned previously, this is a superb solution for indoor exercise, and a great cardio training machine model that can help you find the long term results craved by so many. It is a fantastic platform for burning off excess fat, building up endurance, and toning up your leg and core muscles. Many would agree when I say cycling is one of the more effective ways to get in shape. So how will this particular model aid you in meeting your workout targets?

Well first of all there is a nice amount of choice in resistance. As you adjust the difficulty, the intensity increases. The more intense you go for, the quicker your results can be. Naturally, you will need a good diet plan alongside this, but all the prerequisites are there for burning off calories and toning up.

In addition to this, it’s equipped with a easy to read LCD computer display that tracks the events of your ride including data related to your speed cycled at, distance overall, time taken and much more. This is a nice bit of tech added to the simple yet effective design and structure of this bike.

Our final thoughts

With plenty of similar exercise bikes on the market such as the Life Fitness C3, it is quite understandable why so many consumers find it hard to get a machine that suits there budget and training requirements. From what we have gathered in our research, we can tell that the Stamina cps 9300 has some great qualities that will lend themselves extremely well to your average home gym. Those of you looking to get in shape and improve overall health, but only have a medium budget, may want to keep this one in mind.

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