Stamina 4825 review

With the strength in depth of the current fitness market, it’s hard for a lower budget model such as the Stamina 4825 to hold it’s own. However, it does this through it’s low price tag and impressive specification list which target a niche home gym market and for good reason.

It’s a magnetic recumbent exercise bike of the lower price tier variety that certainly has the makings of a solid cardio trainer. The step through structure and design support the back extremely well and it offers several training programs and resistance levels to compliment the average beginner to intermediate users workouts.

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Bikes comparison

With plenty of recumbent designs on sale, it’s easy to get confused with what exactly is provided by each brand and model. So to make sure our readers don’t miss any hidden gems, we always ensure there are a few bikes we recommend researching into before they make a purchase. In this case, we suggest viewing our BodyCraft R25 and Livestrong LS6.0R reviews.

Features and specifications

So how can the 4825 help you in your quest for a healthier lifestyle? To start with it’s important to highlight that it will provide a intensive cardio exercise that is aimed at burning off calories and toning up key muscle groups such as legs and glutes. While it won’t work all muscle groups it will be a fantastic way to compliment a variety of different training options in your circuit or home gym.


The natural position assumed when in position to ride has many benefits. Not least of all the extra support it provides to your back, It is also extremely convenient to get on and off of with a step through design that will benefit people going through injury rehabilitation or disabilities.

Contoured and padded seating add that much needed comfort for those long and arduous rides where picking injuries is more commonplace.


Runs on arguably the most smooth resistance type in magnetic tension. It is a fantastic choice for those of you looking for consistency and stability while peddling. In addition to this, it is simple to change up the tension using a dial. The different levels of weight you feel while cycling can be instrumental in pushing you towards the fitness results you are looking to obtain.

All of these thing give the much needed consistent and steady platform people look for. It can also prevent unnecessary injuries from occurring at times.


It has a standard set of training applications, six in total which add to the intensity of the ride and give consumers something to work towards. Focus and motivation are two important factors when exercising and this will help provide plenty of both.

Heart rate tracking

Handy pulse sensors can be found on the handles to easily track and monitor heart rate on the console. Using these stats you can learn when you need to pick up the pace and when you need to slow it down a bit.

This can be a vital tool in any cyclists arsenal and can be fantastic for monitoring your overall progress and improving on results. After all, without stats, how would we tell or work towards beating our personal bests?


What are consumers and experts are saying about it?

This recumbent bike seems to be well respected by customers who have purchased it. We have looked around the net and through our various sources and there is nothing that stands out as a obvious problem that should effect your buying choice. The only downside we can see presenting itself is that it may not be as heavy duty or as technologically advanced as some of the top tier cardio trainers.

Amazon – Plenty of happy users found this machine to their liking. There are several reviews that make their thoughts clear about the quality and value for money on offer. Negative comments include someone saying that the seat was positioned differently to that in the picture, which has obviously effected his/her training. One other complained about a crack in the casting which can be a worry if it is a common occurrence, but that does not seem to be the case here. In fact it is overwhelmingly clear that this bike has performed exactly as advertised for most riders.

Overstock – Again, many users commenting about the value for money and quality of the machine for the low budget price tag. Some go on to praise the workout it offers. Despite a positive vibe surrounding it, there is also a few unhappy customers. One complains about it coming with a broken monitor. Another goes on to say he had problems getting the built in training programs to initiate.

Like many bikes out there, there are good and bad points of each, but the good most certainly outshines the bad here. It is clear that this would be a solid and reliable purchase if you are not looking to spend too much cash, or if you are a intermediate or beginner cyclist.


In the grand scheme of things, the Stamina 4825 recumbent bike is leaps and bound ahead of many of it’s competitors in this price tier of recumbent bikes. While it has it’s faults like many other products, it also has a set of quality design features and workout apps that can really help in getting to your target weight. Don’t let price deceive you, this may be cheap, but there is most certainly bang for your buck to be found.

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Our rating:85%
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