Stamina 1350 review

Standing strong among the many competitors in this market, the Stamina 1350 brings an affordable solution for users with a tighter budget. Normally bikes at this price point tend to lack or miss out on several important features in order to make a profit, but what is unique here is that it offers all the things you would come to expect in a medium tier exercise bike.

Their are plenty of happy customers around the web because of this fact alone. It’s not too surprising as there is plenty of value for money to be had.

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With the amount of recumbent models on the market currently, making the right choice can often be difficult for buyers. Initial research can only take you so far, that is why we always suggest our readers look at other similar models such as the afg 4.0ar and the Body Champ BRB678 before making any drastic decisions.


Measuring at 50 inches L by 24 inches W by 33 inches H, this bike is not too small and not too big. I believe it will give the majority of users who step onto the bike enough room to breathe and stretch out but at the same time not taking up too much space and overcrowding the room.

Because of it’s recumbent design, naturally it gives a bit more support to users and plenty of comfort due to the chair like seat which is padded and adjustable to suit the users positional needs. Looking at the list of specs it has got:

  • Gives a terrific aerobic exercise that will help improve users lung capacity meaning you will not find yourself out of breath as easy as the weeks go by. It will also help tone up your core and leg muscles with consistent use.
  • It runs on magnetic style resistance which generally gives users a smoother and more stable ride. The difficulty of the resistance can be changed to fit users current strength and fitness levels. For best effect start out a level or two below your extremely hard level and work your way through them as you go along.
  • The seating is adjustable to cater for the different leg lengths and heights plus is is padded on the inside which allows users to feel as comfortable as can be while cycling.
  • It also has built in handrails for your arms hands to hold onto something as you pedal. Some users find it easier to get through more intensive work outs by holding onto handles as it can improve your stability and posture as you ride.
  • The monitor on the front of the bike displays all your exercise information such as speed, calories, time, and distance. While this is nothing groundbreaking or new, it is good to see it included in equipment at a lower price point.

With all the bikes available to consumers, making the right choice in buying a new piece of cardio equipment can sometimes prove very difficult, and many users waste money on poor quality products when there are some hidden gems to be found without it costing too much money.


It’s rare that you see cardio exercise equipment in this price tier offer the same options and settings as the 1350 . It comes at no surprise that users around the web have been singing it praises not just because it is affordable but also because it provides users with the tools they need to burn off fat and tone up.

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Our rating:84%
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