Schwinn A20 recumbent bike review

The Schwinn A20 is a lower tier bike that isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg to get a hold of. It works on a Eddy current system with a nice amount of levels to work your way through. It doesn’t matter if you are new to working out or a health and fitness fanatic, the A20 bike is going to provide some features of value to you when you consider the price  tag.

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It definitely has been designed to maximize the users comfort levels. It has an ergonomically designed seat which is fully adjustable so you can lock in the position you feel most at ease with. Comfort is always a plus for me while exercising. It can get irritating when a seat, or handles don’t feel right. This is why, for some users recumbent bike designs offer the most comfortable option when compared to the standard upright exercise bikes.

It offer a max user weight capacity of two hundred and seventy five pounds allowing for users of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels to use this recumbent bike without any problems. This also display the stability and strength of the bike as it needs solid framework to withstand this sort of weight.

It’s dimensions are sixteen and a half inches (W) by forty and a half inches (H) by sixty one inches (L) and it weighs sixty lbs. So it’s not going to take up too much room, and if at any point you feel it needs to be moved, it comes with transport wheels to move it around the house/gym with ease.

Other notable design features include a handy water bottle holder, and a fan to keep you cool throughout your workout.

Functions and features

The a20 runs on the Eddy current system, with this particular model including eight different resistance/difficulty levels to test your endurance and fitness. Each level is harder than the next so working your way through each can give you a great morale/motivational boost. Not only that but it will really help you meet your weight loss and muscle toning goals.

Alongside the resistance, is the six different built in workout programs plus one quickstart program, and one manual. Variety in your exercise regime is always a plus and following the different workout programs provided combined with working your way through each resistance level will have you looking and feeling healthy in no time.

You can record and monitor your heart rate through grip sensors, the heart rate stats will then get sent over to the LCD display on the bike. Other useful things that will be tracked by the Schwinn A20 include how many calories you burn, time spent cycling, and your overall distance/speed.


A few recumbent style models to consider researching before you settle on this one in particular includes the AFG 4.0ar and the Schwinn 250. Both are solid options and well worth taking some time out to put a bit of extra research in.

Customer reviews

The general feeling towards the A20 is positive. There are plenty of reviews on the web that discuss the overall quality of the product. Specific features noted include the nice variety in resistance, how affordable it is, and comfort whilst cycling.


The Schwinn A20 is a great option for those of you looking to buy a bike on a budget. Comfort, variation in exercise intensity/workout programs, and design are all plus points. This particular model would be an excellent addition to your home gym collection, it’s convenient, does not take up too much space and has enough functions to get a really good workout for burning fat.  However if you are still not sure about what recumbent bike is right for you take a look at customer reviews on the link below.

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