Schwinn 250 recumbent bike review

The Schwinn 250 is an award winning recumbent exercise bike with a range of features that will really help you get in shape. It is a mid tier solution which would make a great addition to any home users gym. It has a design based on user comfort and support which is one of the first things we look for in a good piece of fitness equipment.

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So what is it that helps this particular model stand out from the sea of other cardio machines on the market?

There are certainly new models out like the Schwinn 270. However, some of these older models truly are hidden gems that can be found at very affordable prices. Take nothing away from it’s original design or functionality, this machine was built to last and produce results for the rider.

Listed below, we have put together some handy information about the various advantages and disadvantages of purchasing it.


  • It has a lot of different resistance levels. It’s 16 variations of difficulty have been designed to give the user a realistic road cycling feel while peddling. Not only that, but it is always useful to have a wide range of tension/difficulty levels to ensure it is suitable for users of all health levels.
  • There is 17 different built in workout applications which the user can use to improve variety and mix up the workouts to keep the body guessing. Variety will really help with building up your overall stamina.
  • As mentioned in the first paragraph, the Schwinn 250 recumbent exercise bike has been designed with the users comfort in mind. It’s seat provides a great deal of support for your back, it is padded and it is contoured ensuring that this model will not be giving the user any problems (seating wise)
  • Other comfort and useful features include the oversized peddles which come with straps to ensure your feet are properly supported and comfortable while peddling.
  • The handlebars can be adjusted to help reduce the amount of stress your arms, shoulders and hands are taking on board while cycling.
  • Comes equipped with transportation wheels to easily move the bike around the house.
  • Smooth and reasonably quiet operation. If you are one of those users who tend to have a large family that will not appreciate all the squeaks, creaks and noise in general while you work out, then this will be a very welcome addition to the gym.
  • An easy to use and understand computer console will display all the information about your workout like speed, distance, and time. What’s more it is easy to navigate through to find your desired difficulty level or program.
  • A great size for a home gym or for a workout room with limited space available. One all the parts have been pieced together and set up, it will measure just 63 inches by 25 inches by 46 inches. Whats more it is also reasonably lightweight, weighing just 117 pounds.
  • It will hold a user weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. A impressive amount by anyone’s stretch of imagination and it will more that cater for the wide majority of users looking to exercise on this bike regardless of height and weight. A lot of this weight support can be attributed to it’s steel frame that has been implemented for durability purposes.
  • Warranty on the frame is up to five years, labor is 90 days.


  • Not as easy to store as some other exercise equipment on the market. – It does include transport wheels to move it but with recumbent bikes you need to make sure you have enough space in your home gym to store it.
  • There are cheaper options available. Take a look at our Schwinn A20 review here for a cheaper alternative.

What customers are saying

From what we have gathered from customers around the web the majority feel they have made the right choice in purchasing. Some users comment on the amount of resistance while others are impressed with the monitoring features such as heart rate monitoring.

Other important notes from users include comments about how smooth the bike is and how solid the bike feels. These comments are not unusual about a bike from a huge brand such as Schwinn.


It is somewhat important to remember that although this bike gives you all the tools required to lose weight, get in shape and improve well being, you will also need to be fairly consistent in your efforts cycling to reach your desired physique.

Obviously, this recumbent bike comes with a lot of features that will benefit home gym users. The huge variety in resistance levels allow you to choose a lot of different levels of intensity plus, the comfortable design and durable frame allow us to come to the conclusion that the Schwinn 250 bike provides good value for money.

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Our rating:89%
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