Schwinn 130 upright bike review

The Schwinn 130 upright bike  is a mid tier upright exercise bike perfect for use in and around the home. If you are one of those people looking to upgrade their current home gym equipment to something more modern and effective, or even to get some  new equipment for the foundations of your gym, this exercise bike may fit your needs as it is a very reputable bike brand with some great features that will really help you take your workout regime to the next level.

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In the grand scheme of things the Schwinn 130 is a average exercise bike but at the same time, it has been developed for those who don’t have the budget to fork out thousands of dollars on exercise equipment. It has a very similar design to the Schwinn 170 upright bike with some minor differences. Below I have listed some of it’s best features:

  • A decent amount of resistance levels with twenty differing levels total (runs on eddy current resistance). The variety in difficulty and how much users can mix up their exercise plays a huge role in how effective cycling will be for both your stamina and burning off fat/toning up. Thankfully the this model offers a good amount of resistance that will cater for all users of all fitness levels.
  • Workout programs offered: 22. Two of the programs offer a solution for custom settings which can really help you understand and track your goals. Work your way through the programs and amaze yourself at how far you have come six months down the line. The key with any exercise bike, or any form of cardio for that matter, is to push yourself. If you are not breaking a sweat, you are not working hard enough so try to keep the intensity high and you will definitely get your moneys worth with this bike taking into account the workout programs and amount of resistance on offer.
  • It offers a computer display which allows you to control almost everything you need from resistance levels to goal tracking and workout statistics.
  • Comfort – Lets talk about the seat first and foremost. It has been made with user comfort in mind and it offers both a padded and contoured design. If you are anything like me anything out of the ordinary like aches and pains from the seat can be a nightmare and really dent how well your perform. Secondly the handlebars can be angled easily to meet users comfort requirements.
  • Very quiet and smooth operation. Especially good for family homes, no one wants to be distracted by loud slash squeaky exercise equipment while they are trying to work.
  • A stable and reasonably sturdy design which includes levelers that really help users feel supported on the bike. A strong a stable bike often means a long lasting bit of cardio equipment that won’t need to be replaced for some time to come. If by any chance you do run into problems with the bike you get 10 years warranty on the frame, 2 years for any mechanical faults, and 1 year for any electrical faults.
  • Like many exercise bikes on the market it comes with transportation wheels to easily move it around the house/gym or into storage.
  • It has a hand grip which allows users to record their heart rate while cycling.
  • Includes a fan with three different settings to ensure you are as cool and comfortable as possible while working out.

We feel comparing bikes with similar options on the market is a good way to determine how much bang for your buck you are getting. And for that reason, we recommend having a read of our ProForm 2.0 ES and Marcy NS908U reviews before you spend any money.

What consumers are saying about it

Amazon – A very popular option in the upright bike category, as are a lot of Schwinn exercise bikes. Plenty of happy buyers have provided positive feedback. Some noteworthy ones include mentions about the ease of assembly, quiet operation and effectiveness of the workout. You can have a read of the full reviews over on their site.

Sears – Fewer ratings here, but an overall positive vibe nonetheless. Comments include positive thoughts on the lower body workout it provides. However, there was one negative one we found that may be a concern for you. It talks about the pedals being badly designed due to the consumers heels hitting the crank shaft. Could be an issue with foot size, but worth looking into either way. This complaint doesn’t seem to be a common theme throughout however.

Walmart – Again, lots of feedback from users who confirm the overall quality of the bike. Riders commend the design, saying that it provides a great ride, and effective workout for the price. Another mentions how easy it was to install. One user had some negative experiences however, complaining about the resistance switching not working as it should. This could be down to a faulty console on his/her particular model, as this does not appear to be a recurring issue.

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When you take into account the amount of features alongside the general price tag there is definitely value to be had out of the Schwinn 130. A great amount of exercise resistance combined with lots of extras such as workout programs, heart rate monitoring and a sturdy design mean you will certainly get your moneys worth if you use it wisely and on a regular basis.

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Our rating:91%
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