ProForm 115 CSX

Understandably, everyone is looking for a machine that provides the most bang for their buck. Despite the depth of competition these days, the ProForm 115 CSX stands out as a great example of a low cost, efficient exercise bike that will handle rigorous training regimes with ease.

People who have bought it and trained upon it seem to be happy. There are multiple sources around the web that show a theme of positive feedback from consumers which is always a good sign.

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Features and specifications

A well designed machine that clearly tries to add comfort and natural movement to user workouts like the ProForm 2.0 ES and Schwinn 150. While it does not pack the same bells and whistles that the highest tier options are often equipped with, there is certainly a lot for people to work with here. It has multiple training options that can kick you into gear and get you burning off all of those excess calories in no time at all. See how the various built in options below can help you achieve the fitness results you always wished for.


We always like to have a look at how comfortable a model is, and with the padded, over sized seat users can take away the knowledge that they are going to be able to workout on it for long periods of time without experience as much discomfort as some similar budget options on the market.

In addition to this it has the option to be adjusted vertically for the varying leg lengths using it.


Runs on the more stable form of tension in the form of magnetic resistance. Ten levels of difficulty combined with smooth and silent operation provide it with the formula for most home gym households. While there are exceptions to this rule, there are many factors that make it a safe bet for families or multiple user environments.


Perhaps a failing point in this machine is the limited amount of apps. There is always going to be drawbacks in a low cost model regardless of where you buy it from, be it a retail shop or e-commerce store. However, when you take a step back and look at the picture as a whole, there is still a respectable amount of programs to work with.


A easy to use display that is highly visible is vital if your one of those shoppers looking to track and note down everything about their training. Luckily, this machine offers a LCD monitor and console that offers simple push button menus that are pretty self explanatory to use. It also lets you know how you are performing in terms of time, distance and more.

Most people do not take full advantage of built in features like this, but those of you that do will find yourself more organized and have a better overview of how your are progressing.


Measures at 46.8 inches by 25 inches by 10.5 inches and weighs just 66 pounds. A good indication of how much space a room will require for it to be fully effective.

Additional design features

It’s racing handlebars are a great way to feel comfortable while pushing your body to the limit.

Compatible with your iPod to play audio while cycling and offers a very handy cooling fan at the front.

What are consumers saying about it?

There are many happy consumers the posted positive feedback around the web including a very common theme of a great bike for the price. One complaint that stands out for us, is the lack of iFit compatibility which may, or may not be a major issue for you.

For the most part though, it receives above average reviews, which certainly puts them up there with leaders in this range such as the Schwinn a10 and Weslo pursuit r 2.2


The ProForm 115 CSX is a excellent way to get in your daily cardio from your own home. It provides a very simple design that has absolutely everything required to tone up and burn off fat. A reputable brand, and tremendous value for money, mean this stands out as one of the better models in this price tier.

Click here to read customer reviews and check prices

Our rating:89%
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